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  Moisture Analyzer Equipment Links

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 Moisture Analyzer Equipment Companies
Able Instruments & Controls, Ltd.
Manufacture of a full range of instrumentation for following parameters of level, flow, temperature, pressure, density, humidity, moisture, gas analysis, liquid analysis and light.  We also provide RF level detectors to suit your application.

Aqua Measure Instrument Company
Manufacture of continuous on-line systems using non-contact RF or NIR sensors.  Determine the moisture content from 0-80%, remote operator software available.

Callidan Instruments Pty Ltd.
A high technology company focused on producing affordable, on-line microwave moisture analyzers. Moisture Meters for mining, industrial and other moisture sensitive applications.

Canty, Inc.
Manufacture of on-line particle sizing equipment using vision-based system.  The Canty System can be used on solids and liquids from particles as fine as 1 micron to large boulders and rocks.

CSC Scientific Company
Offering a full line of testing equipment for the analysis of moisture, particle size and surface tension.  Instruments include certified & standard sieves, shakers, particle size analyzers, moisture meters, duNouy tensiometer & lab supplies.

Dewcon Instruments Inc.
A process instrumentation company specializing in gas moisture sensors, analyzers, meters, hygrometers and probes for on-line humidity and dew point measurement for control of dryers in industrial applications.

Drying Technology, Inc.
Get control of your drying with the Delta-T, moisture control system.  An "inside the dryer" moisture control system that senses and automatically corrects moisture deviations before the product exits. Proven technology.

Farmex Electronics Corporation
The leader in portable moisture testers for grains and hay.  We are the primary supplier for Deere, Case and New Holland with a proven track record for providing top quality instruments.

HK Instrument Systems
Supplier of microwave based gauges to measure moisture of bulk materials on a belt or chute.  We also supply on-line NIR analyzers to measure up to four Individual constituents of products in real time.

Hydramotion Ltd.
Design and manufacture of on-line and portable viscometers and hand-held moisture meters for the process and construction industries.

Hygrometrix Inc.
Leader in humidity and moisture sensing technology and services a wide variety of industries including dry bulk storage, plant process or batch controls, plus powder and bulk solid storage.

Intalysis Pty Ltd.
Reliable, accurate online microwave moisture analyzers. Our products are specifically developed for continuous, on-conveyor applications ranging from conventional materials to highly attenuating materials such as iron ore, minerals and high moisture coals.

Smart sensor, smart price, smart move, get Kett now.  Manufacture of process moisture analyzers for use on-line, with laboratory accuracy.  Features include:  network-able sensors, calibrations stored in sensor, priced to fit any budget.

Moisture Register Products
Suppliers of on-line and portable moisture meters for many applications including sand, paper, chemicals, food, board products, gypsum board, carpet, plastic and pellets.

Moisture analyzers and transmitters for online and laboratory use . Near IR and RF sensors, non-contact instant display of moisture content.  Coating thickness, oil, fat and protein analysis on powders, granules in spray, vacuum and rotary dryers.

NDC Infrared Engineering
Manufacture of near-infrared, on-line moisture measurement gauges for process control.  Accurate, robust and non-contacting devices that are perfect for the bulk materials handling industry.

Process Sensors Corporation
Manufacture of on-line moisture gauges.  World's leading supplier of NIR sensors for measuring moisture in solid materials.  Accuracy, reliability and simplicity at the lowest cost.

Sartorius AG
The company manufactures equipment and systems featuring weighing, measurement and automation technology for laboratory and industrial applications.  We also manufacture moisture analyzers.

Quantachrome Corporation
Analyzers for BET surface area, pore size, pore volume, tapped and true density, moisture sorption, plus rotary rifflers for accurate sample splitting.  Respected manufacturer backed by in-house scientific and service personnel.

Unity Scientific, Inc.
Manufactures of NIR equipment for measuring moisture or other constituents (laboratory and on-line.) Unity also distributes the Powderscan (laboratory and on-line) for determining and controlling scorched particles in powders and slurries.

Zeltex, Inc.
Manufacture of a line of analyzers using near infrared technology to measure moisture in ceramics, powders and grains.


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