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Case Histories : Conveying

LCI : Circle Feeder Saves Chemical Plant Space and Money
By Samer Habash, LCI
Jul 12, 2004
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Charlotte, NC -- LCI Corporation recently supplied a complete pesticide extrusion plant to a large agricultural chemicals company.

The client's products included various forms of the same product. In one form, the product consists of free flowing granules, while another form is a very fine powder averaging 5-20 microns.

The powder consists of various components, including the active pesticide, binders, fillers, etc. It is prepared by blending the various components in a large ribbon blender. The granular form of the product requires that the powder is wet mixed, extruded, then dried, while the powder form can be directly packaged.

In order to design a system to handle both forms, LCI had to come up with a way to split the flow of this fine powder and feed both process trains (extrusion and direct packaging) at the same time.

The answer came in the form of a special LCI Circle Feeder.

In general, the Circle Feeder falls in the category of table feeders or rotary vane feeders. It consists of the following major components (see illustration).

Inside the flow adjusting ring, powder pressure is imposed. Because of the natural collapse of the material being fed and the slow rotation of the central vanes, the material flows out to the periphery where no powder pressure is exerted. At the periphery, the rotation of the peripheral vanes carry the material to the discharge port.

The simple yet functional design of the Circle Feeder allows it to have multiple discharge ports. In the case of the pesticide plant, the feeder was equipped two discharge ports, allowing it to serve the dual function of supplying powder to two different downstream processes. The design was such that the operator can use the two ports at the same time or one at a time.

This flexible design of the Circle Feeder saved the client from purchasing and installing another blending line and feeder, not to mention space savings and clutter in the plant.

It is important to note that the LCI Circle Feeder can be supplied with up to 4 discharge ports, each at 90 degree angle from the other.

About LCI Corporation:

Since our beginnings in 1961 as Luwa, LCI Corporation has provided thousands of systems to the process industries for a wide variety of applications.

We provide powder extrusion and spheronization technology to pharmaceutical and other industrial manufacturers as the exclusive distributor in the Americas for Fuji Paudal Company Ltd. Since 1984, we have provided the unique Circle Feeder to a wide variety of industries through a teaming arrangement with Yoshikawa Corporation. We provide pelleting technology to the chemical industry sector in the U.S. as representatives of Amandus Kahl.

For more information contact:
Mr. Dave Sliva
LCI Corporation
POB 16348
Charlotte, NC 28297
Telephone: (704) 398-7887
Email: dsliva@lcicorp.com
Web site: www.lcicorp.com

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