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March 5, 2012  
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Superior Industries' New iPhone App for Conveyor Users

Morris, MN – Superior Industries, a leading American manufacturer of conveying equipment and conveyor components, announced completed development today of the company’s first ever iPhone app. Known as “ConveyCalc,” the free app is available for download in the App Store. 

Notable features include:

• Operating Cost Calculator - Input variables like operator salary, fuel costs, conveyor horsepower and annual repair expenses to compare costs of operating a conveyor versus a loader.

• Stockpile Volume Calculator - Input two variables, conveyor length and radial arc travel angle, for this calculator to determine stockpile volume in cubic tons, short tons and metric tons.

• Belt Capacity Calculator - This calculator helps bulk material handlers maintain accurate levels of material on belts. Inputting a few common variables will return a conveyor’s maximum capacity.

• Horsepower Calculator - Knowing a conveyor’s length, width, lift and belt capacity will calculate minimum horsepower requirements for the given application.

• Conveyor Lift Calculator - Input two variables, the angle of the conveyor and its length, for this calculator to reveal a conveyor’s center-to-center lift in feet.

ConveyCalc is available for free download in the App Store and is compatible with iPhones running iOS 5 software. Visit to learn how to upgrade your iPhone for free. 




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Vortex's Product Line at PBE Southeast Conference

Salina, KS -- Vortex Valves will display its expansive product line at Powder and Bulk Engineering’s 2012 Southeast Conference and Exhibition, March 13-15, at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta.

“The Regional Powder Show in Atlanta is an excellent venue to showcase our industry-leading line of gates, valves and diverters,” said Vortex President Jeff Thompson. “In addition to displaying our product line-up, Vortex Regional Sales Manager Bryon Smith will be on hand to meet with customers and to help prospective customers find innovative engineered solutions to their bulk handling requirements.”

Vortex has handled thousands of dry materials for more than 10,000 clients worldwide. With 21 product lines and more than 8 million design variations, Vortex offers the best valve and modifications for the most demanding applications.

“In this tough economy, bulk handlers are continuously seeking more efficient and reliable equipment and with our strong engineering team and economical manufacturing processes, we are well positioned to meet such challenges,” Thompson added. “We specialize in providing proven, innovative valve solutions for the dry bulk industry.”

Vortex Valves will be located at the Adams Brothers Inc. Booth #101 in the Cobb Galleria Centre. Vortex will display a Vortex Quantum® Orifice Gate™, Roller Gate™, Quantum® 2-Way Wye Line Diverter™, and a 2-Way Seal Tite™ Diverter.

PBE's 2012 Southeast Conference & Exhibition is designed to benefit plant managers, process safety/risk managers, facility managers, process engineers, scientists, and others who need to be kept abreast of advances in processing, handling, packaging, storing, and transporting dry particulates and related materials.

Source: http://www.vortexvalves.comClick Here



Celsimix for Brittle Candy Production

Drunen, The Netherlands -- During Interpack in Germany a Celsimix was displayed on the stand of the Tanis Group from Made (the Netherlands). This Celsimix is part of a brittle candy production line engineered by the Tanis Group.

Celsimix for brittle candy production

"Brittle candy" is a crunchy but brittle type of confectionery. In a fully continuous process the Celsimix boils the pre-heated glucose syrup to form caramel, adding almonds to this and mixing it to form a homogenous mass.

The Celsimix is heated using thermal oil to a temperature of 280 degrees. The mixer is fitted with two screws and has a capacity of 400 kg/hour. To prevent the product sticking and to facilitate cleaning, everything that comes into contact with the product is polished to a high gloss. Both screws can also be removed completely for thorough cleaning. The Celsimix is suitable for a MAWP (Maximum Allowable Working Pressure) of 5 bar and complies with the PED standard (Pressure Equipment Directive) and EN-13445 (European standard for unfired pressure vessels).




NBE Bulk Bag Filling Process System

Holland, MI -- A complete NBE bulk bag filling process system, including: automated pallet introduction; automated metering of material supply; NTEP-certified, precision bag weighing; and automated, filled-bag accumulation conveyors enables a single operator to process up to 20, 4,500 lb.-capacity bulk bags per hour; or 90,000 lbs. of dry bulk material per hour.

NBE integrated automation uses a single, menu-driven HMI, designed and built by NBE, to centralize system-wide operations; including legacy, upstream material supply equipment. NBE integrated automation directs all equipment controls, communication, sensing, monitoring, and data reporting using UL listed panels built by NBE. NBE integrated automation reduced material loss, increased overall equipment effectiveness, and dramatically improved labor efficiency and safety.

Process line optimization begins immediately upon the introduction and staging of the first pallet. The NBE cantilevered fill head / bag hanger carriage uses pneumatic actions to bring the fill head and rear bag hooks to well within the operator’s reach; no need for the operator to step or lean into the equipment. The 8 GPM hydraulic carriage easily and safely lifts bag capacities up to 4,500 lbs., far exceeding the lift speed and capacity of ball screw designs. This physical ergonomic design maintains optimal operator posture for safe and efficient operation. 

NBE NTEP-certified weigh systems provide valid, accurate, and repeatable weighing of the bulk bags to an accuracy of +/- .01% of the 4,500-pound bag weight. NBE, NTEP-certified, precision weighing improves total process efficiency by eliminating re-working of over- and under-filled bags, and reducing material loss. The NBE bag densification platform uses 3 Gs of high-speed, low-intensity vibration to settle material in the bag to a dense, stable, and safe load.




Other News : More Headlines from our News Center
Brenntag Opens New Head Office in India
Brenntag, the global leader in chemical distribution, inaugurated its new head office in Mumbai, India.

Freeman Technology Establishes New US Subsidiary
The new organization will take on responsibility for the ever growing number of FT4 Powder Rheometer users in the US.

Siemens Acquires innotec do Brasil
Siemens Industry Automation Division extends its leading global position in the field of industrial process engineering software.

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What Shanghai's Apple Store Tells Us about the Future of the Chinese Manufacturing Market
Apple Store in Shanghai, China "Since 2008, an increasing number of domestic manufacturers have asked us to improve the design and function of their product.”
Wastewater Gas Makes Hydrogen Fuel
"Methane gas from the facility's wastewater treatment enters a purification system and then is
reformed to hydrogen"
5 Drivers of Google's Engineering Ethic
"If we can't win on quality, we shouldn't win at all" Google's co-founder Larry Page told the company's new brand manager, Douglas Edwards."

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Regional Sales Manager - Midwest

We are a search firm that specializes in the bulk & powder industry. We have an opening for a Regional Sales Manager based in Chicago, St. Louis or Kansas City. Our client is an equipment manufacturer. The candidate should have experience selling to coal fired power plants and managing manufacturer's reps.

The position requires a BS in an industrial engineering discipline and/or at least 10 years experience in direct sales and working with power industry end users and A/E firms.

Wyse Executive Search
2301 W. Chandler Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506.

Send resumes to: or call 818-859-7336.

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"..the standard of practice wherever Jenike shear cells are used for particulate flow testing..."

Standard Shear Testing Technique: For Particulate Solids using the Jenike Shear Cell
by IChemE
Paperback, 89 pages, 1989


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Mixing of Solids
(Powder Technology Series, No. 12)

by Ralf Weinekotter, Hermann Gericke
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Powder Technology Handbook
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Handle Cohesive Products with Live Bottom Screws
by Joseph Marinelli
Solids Handling Technologies

Some materials are extremely cohesive and as such require large openings to prevent arching. Materials that come to mind are synthetic gypsum (sometimes referred to as FGD gypsum, flue gas desulferized gypsum), sludge, wet, heavy solids... (Click here for more)

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Geometrica : A Jewel Off Southampton Water

The great silver dome reflected in the nearby water looks surreal. For a long time, however, it seemed that it would remain only an imaginative architect's rendering for a waste-to-energy facility. ... (more)


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Free Fall Rollo Mix

This week's photo is an action shot of wintergreen flavor being sprayed onto dried tobacco.

This is done with Free Fall Processing® in the Rollo-Mixer. The unique Continental Rollo- Mixer is a Rotary Drum Batch Blender that uniformly blends ingredients having a wide variance in particle size, density, and proportions, typically in only 6 to 9 revolutions. Product moves by gravity in all planes. The gentle, low-shear, fast-moving, positive displacement action creates continuous rivers of material which course into and flow through one another in a random confluence.

Photo courtesy of Continental Products Corp.


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