Pneumatic Conveying

Expert solutions with proven results.


Pneumatic Conveying Consultants:
A team of professionals with over 60 years of experience in the industry, offering expert solutions with proven results.

Our experience is based on a total understanding of all facets of pneumatic conveying systems research, design, operations identification and correction.

As consultants to your business, we provide a full range of services from trouble-shooting equipment malfunctions to testifying in court as an expert witness.

Our knowledge, training and experience have gained us a reputation as experts in the industry.

Who are our Clients: The following clients have received expert solutions with proven results.

  • A. E. Stanley Manufacturing
  • Allen-Sherman-Hoff Company
  • ARCO Chemical Company
  • Carolina Glass Works
  • CECOS International
  • Chicago Fire Brick Company
  • Colonial Rubber Works
  • DRAVO Engineering
  • Ecolaire
  • Exxon Chemical Americas
  • Fuller & Henry
  • Fuller Company
  • Fuller-Traylor Ltd.
  • Ideal Basic Ind., Cement Div.
  • INCO Ltd.
  • Ingersoll-Rand Co.
  • Inland Steel
  • Kal Kan
  • KOREX Company
  • Lansberry Coal Company
  • North American Phillips
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • ROCON Mining
  • Wheaton Industries





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Pneumatic Conveying Consultants LLC
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Mr. Paul Solt
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Practical Overview of Pneumatic Conveying Online Lecture Series
Jack Hilbert of Pneumatic Conveying Consultants describes the applicability of pneumatic conveying to a multitude of uses and functionality within a plant.  Examples of in-plant applications are given as well as an overview of the typical industries which rely on pneumatic conveying.  Click here for more information and watch free previews of PCC's 5-part lecture series.

Systems Design

Pneumatic Conveying Consultants provide written design calculations for the systems components and specifications for the required purchased equipment.  We keep an open line of communication with the contracting company's engineers and supervise the installation.  And we don't stop at supervision -- we'll also perform the start-up and optimization of your pneumatic conveying system.

High-Temperature Pneumatic Conveying:   PCC has recently accomplished two pneumatic conveying systems for conveyance of extremely hot materials, up to 900C.  These systems use atmospheres of nitrogen, helium, carbon monoxide and chlorine.  One system has been proven in use for over a year conveying 500C iron ore pellets.  For more information about how high-temperature pneumatic conveying can work in your application, contact us.

Development:  We will work with your company's research or testing department to help establish testing procedures and evaluate result.  We help you carry an idea through research, testing and final construction.   Our relationship in development exceeds 10 years with some companies.

Bid Evaluation

We aid you in writing the request-for-bids.  When the bids are received from potential suppliers, we provide written reports with comparisons and evaluations of the bids.  Included in our extensive evaluation are written recommendation for specifications of purchased items.

System Optimization

If further optimization is needed to your conveying system, we perform a job site inspection to the subject system including a in-depth study of the drawings, operating data, reports and design criteria.  A written report of the recommended corrective action along with calculations will be provided.  Complete supervision of the installation are performed to insure maximum optimization.

Trouble Shooting

We trouble shoot a system which is unsatisfactory or unreliable.  We inspect the manufactured equipment for compliance with the original drawings.  After in-depth study of the system's maintenance and performance records, we will determine the cause of the malfunction and offer our suggestions for the least expensive modifications to the system to correct the malfunction.

Expert Witness

We work with attorneys who are handling cases involving pneumatic conveying systems.  Aiding the attorneys understanding of the application of pneumatic conveying, properly analyze cases and evaluate the claims being made.   When a case is taken to court, a member of our team will testify as an expert witness in the field of pneumatic conveying systems.

Education & Training

Lecturers, seminars and training sessions have flexible itineraries that can be tailored to the conveying system in your plant.  We design unique courses based on your materials handling process.

Design Software

Hundreds of pneumatic conveying systems have been selected, designed and corrected using our advanced software programs.  Now we are offering our successful software in DOS, Win 3.0 and Win 95 compatible versions.

Software available:

  • PNEUCALC for design calculations of pneumatic conveying systems
  • NU-SELECT for assistance to the pneumatic designer for determination of the most efficient conveying system
  • CYCLONE DESIGNER for selection and design of air cyclones
  • FEEDER for the selection of feeders for pneumatic conveying systems.
  • PANACEA, an aid for evaluating operating conveying systems

Expert solutions with proven results.