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With a reduced admission ticket of just EUR 11, you not only visit the ARTTIROL 10 art exhibition in the Ferdinandeum, but are also valid for one entry each to the Folk Art Museum, the Hofkirche, the Armory and the Kaiserswerthmuseum along with the Tirol Panorama. Buy!

With their five houses, the Tyrolean State Museums offer a wonderful experiential space for all those interested in Tyrol, its nature, history and culture. At the Ferdinandeum, visitors can expect extensive collections ranging from art history to archaeology, history and natural science to music.

A newly designed exhibition at the Innsbruck Armory entitled “Treasure Tyrol” tells the story of Tyrol from many angles. Artifacts and storytelling stations make Tyrol’s diverse history tangible for visitors of all ages.

The Folk Art Museum houses a valuable cultural collection of historical rooms and handicrafts from the old Tyrolean region.

The impressive mausoleum of Emperor Maximilian and the Black Panther can be found nearby at the Hofkirche.

Located next to the Kaiserjägermuseum in the 1,000 square meter large circular painting TIROL PANORAMA, it shows the 1809 Tyrolean struggle for independence in a spectacular all-round view.

Arteriole 10

With a wide range of works by artists from Tyrol and several international stages, “Artirol” invites you to browse the world of contemporary art once again in its tenth edition. Since 2001, an independent jury of experts has been helping the state of Tyrol to create a representative collection of contemporary art, which aims to cover art in Tyrol with all major movements.

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The exhibition welcomes us with Matt Mulligan’s (*1951) sky in red-white-red. The installation by Tyrolean artist Martin Koestner (*1957) shows around 80 individual works. We meet Sarah Bogner’s (*1980) happy horses and Anna Germoleva’s (*1970) brave pigeons, while Marianne Vitale’s (*1973) Burnt Bridge criticizes Western society and Silk Wagner’s (*1968) VW bus questions deportation. A work by Thomas Feuerstein (*1968) makes viewers sweat as they watch, while Matthias Grinzinger (*1982) sees not sweat but tears on the sad cheeks of smoking children. At the end of the tour is Michael Parisi’s “I ricordi sostituiscono gli occhi” (German: memories instead of eyes), the motif of which threatens to dissolve into darkness during the exhibition.

Art purchases in the state of Tyrol

In the years 2021 to 2023, the State of Tyrol purchased 80 individual works by 39 artists. As in previous years, all works were recommended for purchase by an expert jury. The team consists of Peter Assmann (until October 2022, former director of the Tyrolean State Museums), Sabine Kamper (art historian), Karin Bernaker (art historian) and Florian Waldvogel (From November 2022, Chairman Modern collection Tyrolean State Museums). With the purchase, the works of art become the holdings of the Tyrolean State Museums. The central goal is to expand the collection and support artists who live in contact with Tyrol through purchases. Current new additions are presented every three years as part of the “Artiroll” exhibition series Ferdinand given to the public.

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