Cancer-causing foods: Researchers warn against drinking

Colorectal cancer, often called colorectal cancer, was previously thought to be a disease that primarily affected older adults. However, researchers warn that the number of cases among children, adolescents and young adults has increased dramatically over the past two decades. Increased intake may be a reason for this Foods that cause cancer Be. One popular drink in particular seems particularly dangerous in this context.

Carcinogenic foods are thought to be a possible cause

A recent study published in Cancer Health has revealed shocking statistics on the rise in colon cancer cases among young adults. Accordingly, from 1999 to 2020, the rate of disease among children aged ten to fourteen increased by 500 percent. The number of cases increased by 333 percent among fifteen- to nineteen-year-olds and 185 percent among twenty- to 24-year-olds, the researchers said.

“Colon cancer is no longer seen as a disease of the elderly,” said lead researcher Islam Mohammed, a resident in internal medicine at Kansas City University. According to him, the risk factors leading to this disease include obesity, tobacco consumption and alcohol consumption.

But it also includes certain dietary habits, such as low fiber intake, consumption of cancer-causing foods such as processed meat or sugar-sweetened beverages. A US-based research team has now followed suit, classifying a popular drink as particularly carcinogenic.

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Energy drinks may increase the risk of colon cancer

University of Florida scientists write down In the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the high incidence of colon cancer may be related to the huge popularity of energy drinks among young people. It is mainly caused by bacteria in the intestinal flora that produce hydrogen sulfide (H2S). These are present in small amounts in the intestines of healthy people, but are abundant in those who are ill. These lead to inflammation and promote a carcinogenic environment.

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These bacteria primarily use taurine, an essential amino acid, as an energy source. It is mainly found in energy drinks. So the study states: “My hypothesis is that high levels of taurine in energy drinks may increase the risk of colon cancer by promoting the preferential growth and metabolic activity of pre-existing H2S-producing bacteria.” Cancer.

To test their hypothesis, researchers have already started a study with 60 participants. However, it is still early days and will continue to be monitored over the next few years and months. However, scientists at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Ontology announced that they will soon publish preliminary results on the risk of cancer-causing food.

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