Climate bonus: The second payment for 2023 starts on Thursday

633,000 people in Austria have not yet received the climate bonus for 2023.

Most of the 2023 climate bonus has already been paid: around 7.4 million people have received it via bank transfer and more than a million in vouchers. In a second wave of payments starting on Thursday, the climate bonus will reach the eligibility criteria by the end of the year for the 633,000 people in Austria who have not yet received it. For example, this applies to newborns, newcomers or those who have moved or have no permanent address.

The Ministry of Climate Protection emphasized on Wednesday that no application need be submitted for this. 457,00 will be transferred directly to their accounts. Around 176,000 people will receive a climate bonus in the mail from March 4, which is a voucher that can be redeemed or exchanged for cash at thousands of stores across Austria.

The climate bonus redistributes the proceeds of the CO2 tax. The base amount is 110 euros. Regional compensation ranges from 40 to 110 depending on how good the public transport is in your area. Children get half fare. (APA)

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