Edstadler thief jailed for 4 years

Minister Carolyn Edstadler He stayed last August Nice I am holidayWhen her cell phone rang: someone was in her apartment Vienna-Dübling was broken.

A short time later, the crime police were on their way to the apartment. Both the robbers fled. They left most of the booty they had already prepared for transportation.

Only one man in court

Only one person remains in court in Vienna on Wednesday. It is a A 50-year-old Serb. He's not one for big words: “I'm sorry, I did it,” says the tall defendant. The man also remains silent on the case surrounding his partner. So the second suspect could not be identified.

Six previous convictions The 50-year-old is already in Austria, five of which are relevant. After serving his most recent prison sentence, he was extradited to Serbia and had a… Residence ban has been proven.

However, after some time he returned with a false name. Why? “My 21-year-old daughter lives in Vienna. I wanted to see her. I wanted to work. There was no work at home.”

“There were packages in front of the apartment”

He doesn't know what he wants to do. But when he passed the apartment complex in Döbling with an accomplice, he had suitable burglary tools.

What is the minister's residence for? “There were packages in front of the apartment, so I thought no one was home,” her lawyer explains Peter Philip.

Trial: Edstadler thief jailed for 4 years

However, the lawyer explains that the robbery was manageable. Your Value: Around 8,000 Euro. In fact, in a hurry, the criminals took only a credit card and a Wi-Fi camera.

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The verdict was announced 15 minutes later

No witnesses were required at the trial, and neither was Minister Edstadler. After about 15 minutes, the judge called to announce the verdict. Defendant grants right of way to media representatives.

Verdict: 4 years imprisonment (maximum sentence 15 years). Both the Serb and the public prosecutor agree with the verdict.

At the end, the defendant bids farewell to the media representatives: “Goodbye!”

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