Fight in Vienna-Favariten: 24-year-old man injured with knife

The 24-year-old allegedly tried to steal the old man’s bike.

One fight There is one on Monday evening Police action I am Keplerplots Inside Vienna favorites Triggered: A 19-year-old and a 24-year-old attacked each other before the younger of the two finally pulled out a knife disguised as a key and wounded the older. Vienna State Police said the men were at large. The 24-year-old has tried it before Bicycle To steal from Austria.

Then a 19-year-old youth gave chase. In response the 24-year-old threw one Glass jar After the owner of the bike, but may have missed him. A fight broke out when the younger man picked up the bottle from the ground and threw it back at Morocco. After this, the police also came to Keplerplatz.

Traces of blood on the knife

The knife – a banned weapon – was later seized. Officers were still able to find traces of blood. The 24-year-old was temporarily arrested, reported on suspicion of theft after the charges were cleared and taken to hospital by a professional rescue service. After his interrogation, the 19-year-old was also booked on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and under the Arms Act.

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