kfb theater – help, mom makes a career! – Dorfplatz 1 – 6321 Eng


Start: June 30, 2024 at 6:00 PM Clock


Angad Community Hall
Dorfplatz 1, 6321 He can say

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Tickets and prices

Admission: €12, adults €8, children up to 10 years old Tickets: cash desk | Tickets can be reserved up to 30 minutes before the start of the show by contacting Mona Mraz at [email protected].


Catholic Women’s Movement Salzburg


New Comedy “Help, Mom Builds a Business!”

Evelyn Ferner’s pen is comically illuminating

The way, with what challenges, are unclear

The emotions and ups and downs of today’s family.

is ahead.

Great job, good salary, kids almost grown up, mom-

Ryan starts his new job,

When new offspring are announced. So come back

For start and change table?

Not at all: because Marion is determined to be the same

Return to her old job after birth

Give back what’s in their context, last but not least

suffocating her husband Robert. as

Finally, an extra dedicated au pair woman takes over

Unexpectedly announced, all ambitions seem to be in vain

dissolve But Marion wasn’t ready to give up

Without further ado she forces Robert to accept babysitting.

Will the family succeed in the famous balancing act between family, home and career, or will the blessing of home finally hang in the balance?

Is it validly bent?

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