Microsoft Flight Simulator Standard Edition

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Experience the ultimate flying experience with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator

Note: Your computer also needs a DVD drive. The box contains a download code and DVDs to download the product. To play Microsoft Flight Simulator, you must have CD #1 in your DVD drive.

The curtain call for the latest generation of one of the most popular simulation series of all time: Microsoft Flight Simulator makes aviation enthusiasts' hearts beat faster and with realistic graphics and a breathtaking game world you can discover from your home computer.

Create your personal flight plan and explore the world

The possibilities are limitless: create your personal flight plan and fly anywhere on the planet. Enjoy day and night flights and experience over 37,000 airports, two million destinations and 1.5 billion buildings as you travel. From exotic Bali to the bustling metropolis of New York to a picturesque alpine village – the whole world is at your fingertips with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Get ready to soar in the sky and experience the unparalleled joy of flying!

Improve your flying skills and master different types of aircraft

Be inspired by a variety of aircraft: From agile light aircraft to impressive aircraft, the new Microsoft Flight Simulator has an aircraft for every taste and every experience.

Earn your boost and become a true flight expert

Whether you're a beginner or a long-time simulator fan, Microsoft Flight Simulator offers just the right amount of challenge for everyone and helps you improve your flying skills. Realistic weather conditions, detailed flight models and authentic cockpit controls make the gaming experience incredibly realistic.

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Overall, Microsoft Flight Simulator is an unparalleled experience you shouldn't miss. So get ready to discover the world from a completely new perspective!

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