No problems in Leoben after 3-0 win in ÖFB Cup final – Rapid

1995 cap Quick Most recently won the ÖFB Cup 1-0 against Leoben. with a 3:0 Inside Leopan In 2024 the last hurdle on the road to Klagenfurt was crossed. On May 1, they have a chance to win the trophy again after 29 years. The opponent for the May 1 game in Klagenfurt will be decided on Thursday (8:45pm) between Salzburg and Sturm.

On Wednesday evening, the green-whites finally won clearly and deservedly against a magnificent backdrop in Leoben. Officially 8,450 won the scramble for cards. One-twos with the security officials should have played a cool game. All the regulations, such as the distances at the exits and entrances, were not taken very precisely in the famous “Monte Schlacco”. There are not enough spaces for journalists. But the second division team did what they could to help. There's still a free camping chair somewhere.

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It was exactly one month later Guido Burgstaller He returned to the team from suspension. Johnson had to go to the bench for the time being, as did Oswald, replacing Casanvirjo at right-back.

It's a typical 3-4-2-1 at Leoben Deni Alar As a man in front of goals. Behind them they defended bravely and aggressively. This meant that the home team were able to keep the game away from their own goal.

After 15 minutes and an Amoa solo, DSV were close to taking the lead. Stängel's pass to Friesenbichler was good, but the ball bounced in front of the former Austrian – just over six metres.

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After an excellent Burgstaller pass, Cheadle shot even higher after a great chance (19th). After 26 minutes, the Rapid team showed that combination football can lead to goals even in deep grass. The ball is long and well run, Krul sets up a seed that finds the captain. Guido Burgstaller intervened and Halili's rescue attempt failed – 0:1.

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The very full stands showed that the favorite's opening goal was not only celebrated in the specially constructed rapid sector. The mood was good and friendly – many Upper Styrians seem to be supporters of the two clubs in green.

Not only the club colors but also the beer sponsor was agreed upon. Logical, because Kos is a district of Leoben.

Places are now open for Vienna. Casanvirjo made a poor pass when he had the majority on the counter-attack (31'). It did well Christoph Long. Styrian coolly flicked the ball over Horvat's leg 0:2 (41.)

There are eleven competitive games under the coach Robert Glass Rapid didn't have to concede more than one goal, and Klagenfurt's goal was the closest.
Goalie Weigel prevented the final result with a save against Seidel after 61 minutes.

Burgstaller crosses a chance he rarely misses (67'). Leoben turned dangerous again – and how: a brilliant shot from Bichler landed on the bar (78th).

for that 0:3 final score Joker was worried Foli Mayulu For Krull-Bass (91st).

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