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The nonprofit Inevitable Foundation launched the Visionary Fellowship program, supported exclusively by the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity, to help writers and directors with disabilities achieve artistic and financial independence.

The Vision Fellowship is a year-long program that provides filmmakers with disabilities with financial resources and mentorship to create a short film and turn it into their first feature film. The program covers the transition between the production of a short film and the production and realization of a feature film, ensuring that screenwriters and directors receive adequate support to bridge the gap between these two areas.

The fellowship includes $55,000 for each fellow, including a production stipend to produce a short film with an experienced team, an unrestricted stipend to support the fellow during the project, and funding for health insurance, marketing support, and travel. The fellowship also includes mentoring and workshops from industry leaders, opportunities to collaborate with other filmmakers on film, community building within the fellowship group, and an industry-specific short film presentation involving agents, creative directors and managers.


Applications for the Vision Fellowship Program are open until July 31, 2024. Fellows will be selected in the fall of 2024, and the program will conclude in 2025 with the presentation of the fellows’ short films.

Persons with disabilities who are interested in getting the scholarship can apply Inevitable.Basic/Viewer Inform and apply.

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