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Voluntary and Associations

Longneck can look back on a variety of colorful clubs. This number has increased significantly over the past 100 years, as the community has more than 25 clubs and initiative groups. The Volunteer Fire Department, Music Club, Drama Club, Fruit Forest Club, Shooting Club and Friendship Club can look back on a very long history. Although the clubs used to be exclusively for men, this has thankfully changed over time. Clubs have always been popular and still have many members today. Over the past 100 years, society has done its part to build the infrastructure for clubs. Additional club funds support the work of the club.

In recent years, clubs have focused more on youth work. Almost every club has something for children and teenagers, which is a very valuable leisure activity. Children are taught social skills and the importance of volunteering at an early age.

Clubs are networked through a volunteer group, which has created a communication platform. Apart from the bi-annual inter-club dialogue, the clubs communicate with each other digitally.

Outside of the clubs there is also a lot of volunteer work going on in Longneck. Countless volunteers are doing their services for the public without much attention. Route officials, gardeners, water makers and others are willing to invest their time in volunteer work. So volunteerism has many faces for us. Volunteering is the glue of society.

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