A meeting place for game developers in Austria

Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck: now there are regular meetups for game developers in some of the biggest Austrian cities. An overview.

By Robert Glaschutner

What do you do when you're new to a city or new to a topic? In such cases, meetings are the best, i.e. meetings of like-minded people where you can network and exchange ideas.

There is something similar for computer game developers in some large Austrian cities. People meet there, introduce each other to their games, chat and learn from each other. This is a great offer, especially for individuals and small groups like students or indie game designers.

Sports Dev Tirol

Gamedev Troll (Innsbruck)

Salzburg started Game Developer Meetups in 2012. It is co-founded and managed by Salzburg Games Workshop Florian Zindra, who previously worked as a student and later as a lecturer in the Department of Sports Development in Salzburg, was responsible for, among other things, organizing the legendary event. Loot catMultiplayer events are known (see photo below).

2014 follows Game Dev Cross (See photo above) and this in 2015 Vienna Game Dev Meetup (Dev means Development, i.e. growth). Cross has a group of people including them Johanna BirgerMichael Hardinger from Carinthia organizes in Vienna.

But how does the meeting work for game makers? You usually start with a big presentation (keynote) or panel, followed by announcements and smaller or smaller game presentations. There will be gaps between chat and network. As the sports community is international and there are always visitors from other countries, the language of the event is usually English.

Also in Lins (Game Dev Lins) and Innsbruck (Sports Dev Tirol) now has game dev meetings. But no matter how long the in-person meetings are, the principle is the same here and there: you get to know each other, exchange ideas, network and inspire each other. Motivation is important and it comes naturally when you meet once a month or sometimes more often. It's like going to a trade show or a con and meeting your community, your crowd. This energy is unbeatable, especially if you see each other as a community rather than a competition.

Michael, Vienna Game Dev Meetup

Florian, Sports Workshop Salzburg

Game dev meetups are often combined with other events: public presentations, game jams, meetups for people interested in culture, and so on. After all, Game Dev Cross is a hub for various offers and events (ie Game Dev Days) as an event.

Game developers meeting in Salzburg

Salzburg Games Workshop

At least a few years ago, at the Salzburg Games Workshop, things were particularly lively at the legendary local multiplayer parties.

Everyone loves meetings. This is also reflected in the number of visitors: the Vienna Game Dev meetup, for example, is packed every month. There is a lot of interest in this, especially as it is a community-run event for the community.

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