New Rexel Austria car shop opens

To maintain its role as a “service factory”, Rexel Austria continues to invest, sometimes in logistics. The next milestone was recently opened in the central warehouse in Weißkirchen an der Traun, the new Autostore, a partially automated logistics solution for handling small parts.

The main central warehouse in Weißkirchen has been the logistics backbone of Rexel Austria for over 15 years. More than 16,000 customers across Austria, e-commerce, retail, industry and facility management companies all come together to ensure demand-based service. Rexel promises 24-hour nationwide delivery, usually even faster. More than 200 employees work in the logistics center covering an area of ​​approximately 23,000 square meters2 Orders more than 20,000 items daily. More than half of them, and the trend is increasing, are ordered online.

Investment in crores

“We need to use the technological possibilities that exist today, for example in terms of automation. With this in mind, we invested more than ten million euros and built a car shop in one year,” opened Robert Pfarwaller, CEO of Rexel Austria.

“Autostore gives our customers more flexibility when placing orders, frees our employees from manual tasks and creates ergonomic workstations in the warehouse. “Additionally, the additional space opens up the opportunity to expand our range from the current 45,000 to 60,000 items,” Pfarrwaller said.

About Rexel Austria GmbH:

Rexel Austria is active in the electricity wholesale trade with the brands Regro, Schäcke and subsidiary Comtech IT-Solutions. The company is characterized by a comprehensive range of services and a portfolio of high-quality products. Rexel has been represented in Austria since 1997, has 18 locations and employs around 700 people. The Regro brand offers products and services for industrial and utility companies, the Schäcke brand offers products and services for the electrical trade and electrical specialist retailers. Since 2019, Comtech IT-Solutions, a software and hardware specialist for the electrical and building technology sector, has been part of Rexel Austria.

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Rexell to Austria

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