A narrow defeat without consequences against Bulgaria

After a gameless Thursday, the second group stage against Serbia continues on Friday.

Austria's women's national team won the group in sensational fashion and qualified for the 2025 play-off (in the autumn) on the second of six match days of the Europe/Africa Group I of the Billie Jean King Cup in Oiras. The final match. ÖTV sports coordinator and Billie Jean King Cup captain Marion Maruszka says the team's hunger for success is still not satisfied. But after winning 2-1 against Denmark on Monday and Hungary on Tuesday, the ÖTV women lost their third meeting in the first group stage on Wednesday with a 1-2 draw against Bulgaria.

Tamira Baschek made her debut in the opening individual during the international competition week held near the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. The Vorarlberg woman (WTA 337) beat Lia Karadanjava (WTA 505) 7:5, 6:2 after a 1:46-hour fight. Austrian youngster Tamara Kostic then made her Billie Jean King Cup debut. Viennese (WTA 672) lost 2:6, 4:6 to Izabella Shinikova (WTA 266) after 1:14 hours of resistance. So the third fight in team sports had to be decided by the doubles – this time to the detriment of the red-white-red women. Upper Austria's Melanie Klafner and Paszek lost to Karadanseva and Gerkhana Topalova in the match tiebreak 7:6 (5), 1:6 and 6:10.

In the parallel game, Denmark also beat Hungary 2-1 – as opposed to Austria's neighbors – to keep ÖTV Women on points. Austria's top spot in Pool A was inevitable before the third match as they won head-to-head battles against both nations. Now the home team can enjoy a gameless Thursday. On Friday, Pool C winners Serbia await the second group stage of the top-placed teams, and on Saturday Pool B winners the Netherlands – both from 12:00pm CEST. That's still the top three overall spots and points toward the national rankings.

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Billie Jean King Cup 2023, Europe/Africa Group I at Oiras (April 8 to 13)

1st Group Stage, 3rd Matchday

Pond A

(1) Austria – (8) Bulgaria 1:2
Tamira Paschek – Leah Karadzeva 7:5, 6:2
Tamara Kostic – Isabella Shinikova 2:6, 4:6
Melanie Klaffner / Tamira Bassek – Leah Karatancheva / Gerkhana Topalova 7:6 (5), 1:6, 6:10

(5) Hungary – (12) Denmark 1:2

Pool b
(2) Latvia – (7) Türkiye 2:1
(4) Netherlands – (11) Portugal 2:1

Pond c
(3) Serbia – (6) Sweden 3:0
(9) Greece – (10) Norway 3:0

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