A new funding program aims to make Austrian sports facilities climate-friendly

Werner Kogler and Leonore Gewessler presented a new funding project aimed at making sports facilities in Austria climate-friendly and energy-efficient – total value of funding: 56 million euros.

Austria’s sports facility operators are currently facing major challenges. The energy crisis caused by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has caused energy costs to rise significantly. Many sports facilities are also in need of renovation, especially when it comes to heating and building insulation.

Operators of sports arenas or buildings that are heated and cooled by fossil fuels such as oil or gas are particularly vulnerable and building shells that are poorly insulated and use energy-intensive floodlights.

A new financing scheme will be launched on July 3, 2024 to better support operators in retrofitting their sports facilities to be climate-friendly. It was presented today by Sports Minister and Vice-Chancellor Werner Kögler, Climate Protection Minister Leonor Küssler and Austrian sports representatives.

The new funding program supports Austria’s goal of becoming climate neutral by 2040 and helps reduce energy consumption in buildings. The €56 million funding from the Fund for Energy Efficiency aims to make sports facilities climate-friendly, increase energy efficiency and at the same time reduce the facilities’ operating costs. Funding applicants can submit their proposals by July 3, 2024 >> umweltfoerderung.at Submit appropriate funds and book.

Exactly what is funded and to what extent

Among other things, the funding includes energy-saving measures such as thermal renovation, switching to more climate-friendly heating systems, switching to more energy-efficient lighting systems or improving the heating and cooling supply. Roof and facade greening and exterior solar protection are eligible for thermal insulation.

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Funding takes the form of investment grants and can cover up to 50 percent of eligible costs. Funding per project is limited to 2.2 million euros;

A team of experts for municipalities and non-profit organizations can also be used to develop projects, so that experienced and qualified professionals can support the financing process from the application to the final invoice.

Vice chancellor Werner cones says: “Sports facilities are places where young and old meet and where Austrian athletes develop and where especially valuable team and club work takes place. But they are places where we can improve the social environment of the country every day and where our society works. Now it is important to make Austria’s sports facilities climate-friendly and less dependent on expensive fossil energy. That’s why we’re now launching a new funding program for climate-friendly and energy-efficient sports facilities. This will not only save operators money in the future, but is also good for our climate and environment, and enable the state-of-the-art renovation of many sports arenas and sports fields in the country. A win-win-win situation for all of us.”

Minister of Climate Protection Leonor Kevesler It also says: “The move away from fossil fuels and the expansion of renewable energies is now more important than ever. The energy transition and the efficient use of valuable energy are of enormous importance on this path. Every climate-friendly sports facility is a valuable contribution – to climate protection and our freedom. Every new insulated sports hall, More climate-friendly heating also saves energy and protects the club’s coffers, which is why we support Austria’s sports clubs, leisure and sports facilities on this path with targeted investment support and expertise for communities and non-profit organizations.

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