Lido Sounds in Linz started with a mix of rain and colorful styles

On “Infinity Opening” day, only the Lido main stage will be played, including Ahoy! Pop Summer Stage Music Dance begins Friday. According to an APA spokesperson, the organizer of Arcadia Live expects about 12,000 visitors at the opening.

Kavarran’s performance was canceled due to thunderstorms. Linz’s house and dance duo were full of anticipation for their home game. A live band has also replaced the DJ booth. “We are very connected to the city and the opportunity to present our songs in front of these great headliners is incredible,” said Julius Swirtmeier before the cancellation. The musicians were very disappointed after the weather-related cancellation. Zwirtmayr has been making music with his DJ colleague Julius Gibus for eight years, and the duo wanted to give Julius four tracks from their newly released EP – but the band’s premiere now has to be postponed.

After the dark clouds cleared, Milky Chance took over the task of bringing the audience back into a sunny mood after an hour’s interruption. The formation that started so loud with “Synchro” was able to quickly inspire fans who are now streaming: “It was already in us and we come from a live style, but we also had to learn, especially on big stages. We have done a lot of work and we are happy where we are today. ,” answered singer Clemens Rehbein in an APA interview when asked if it was a natural talent. The set included a new song, “Nude and Alive,” and several other hits. “We had to cut some songs because we only had 40 minutes ,” says Philip Dash, the second member of the live-amplified Foltronica band.

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It didn’t bother Milky Chance much that they made the second opener after the interruption – the area wasn’t destroyed. “We definitely believe in festival fans and festival ethos, so it’s nice to be a part of that. We wouldn’t get on stage if we were the only people coming,” Dausch laughed. For example, the powerful beats in “Living In A Haze” had the desired effect: people danced. .Milky Chance covers a cover version of “Taint Love.” After the summer festivities, the formation will take a break from the stage, they insist.

Lido Sounds will continue next year. The third edition will be held from June 27 to 29, 2025, it was announced on Thursday. The organizer has already named the first names in line. Beatsteaks, Betterov, Mira Lu Kovacs, the Schmusechor and Uche Yara are set to perform. Annenmaykantereit is popular in Austria for 2025 with a special guest show.

As for traffic, police said Thursday “everything went smoothly.” There was “no significant change” to the usual Thursday afternoon rush hour traffic in Lins. Linz Tourist Association heard on Thursday that accommodation in the city was overbooked for the festival weekend; There are only a few rooms available.

ÖBB noticed more visitors arriving by train on the opening day. By Sunday, the railways had dispatched more long-distance special trains and increased the frequency of regional transport. The exact timetable can be found here.

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