After the Easter storm, typical April weather is now arriving

Over the entire Easter weekend Stormy to hurricane-like winds Encircled large parts of Austria. This not only strained the nerves of the people in the affected areas but also led to a lot of deployment. Trees fell on roads and power lines were downed. And in many ski areas, the activities are unimaginable.

Yes it shows how turbulent things were in the mountains Badscherkoffel Wind speed measured in Innsbruck. Peter Wolplingseder from the Ubimet weather service explains, “This is strongly manifested during the phone. On the local mountain of the Tyrolean state capital, peak values ​​were recorded on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. About 160 km per hour Measured.

29 degrees in Tullnerfeld

But temperatures in Austria also turned frenetic due to air masses funneled into the country from the south. “29 degrees was measured in Tullnerfeld on Monday, which is quite unusual for early April,” the meteorologist said. Holy Saturday is the first day of summer this year (from 25 degrees). It is also exceptionally early.

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One comes from the west Cold front The storm's fury across Austria gradually ended on Monday. “It causes the phone to crash,” says Wolflingseder. And one that has been hanging around the country for a long time Sahara dust is history. On the one hand, the southerly flow of the cold front ended.

“No more Sahara dust,” promises the meteorologist. A change in weather also causes precipitation. “Dust is washed away by rain.”

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Weather change

It can already be observed in Western Austria on Monday. The storm was still raging in the southern and eastern plains. The state of Carinthia called on people in the districts of Klagenfurt-Land and Volkermark to stay in their homes.

In Styria, around 170 substations were damaged due to damage Electrical wires Not in operation and around 4,000 families Affected. In Upper Styria, the ÖBB was unable to operate several train lines, at least temporarily, due to fallen trees. A Rail alternative transport established.

Before the weather calmed down in Salzburg, a wind-uprooted tree fell on Loeferer Straße in Pinska on Monday morning. Hit a moving car. The 65-year-old driver and his 69-year-old passenger were injured but managed to get out of the badly mangled car.

You can expect it in the coming days “Typical April Weather” Well, says Wölflingseder. It's prone to rain, snow in the mountains too, but the sun makes an occasional appearance. Tuesday's high will be between 10 and 18 degrees.

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