Also ORF: Russia blocks more than 80 European media outlets

Russia blocks access to 81 EU media outlets in “retaliation” for the EU’s ban on four Russian state media outlets.

“Countermeasures are being taken to block access to media from EU member states from Russian territory,” the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said yesterday. This media is no longer available in Russia or accessible on the Internet. ORF offerings are also affected.

The Spanish news agency EFE will be blocked in Russia in the near future, as will the French agency AFP. Television channels mentioned include Italian RAI, French LC1 and Arte, Irish broadcaster RTE, RTP International from Portugal, NOS from the Netherlands and radio station Radio France.

Many popular media outlets have been shut down

Media like “Der Spiegel”, “Die Zeit”, “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, “OE24”, “Politico”, “Le Monde”, “Liberation”, “La Stampa”, “La Repubblica”, “El Pais” are also affected. ”, “El Mundo” and Spanish broadcaster RTVE.

It said that their content and programs are no longer available on Russian territory. Moscow’s foreign office accused the media of “systematically spreading disinformation” about Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine.

Review by Ministry of External Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vienna strongly condemned Russia’s announcement and announced that the officials of the Russian Embassy in Austria would be summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “This decision, while not surprising, is Putin’s step to stifle media diversity and keep his own people in the dark. Unfettered access to free news, free and democratic debate and a vibrant civil society are the cornerstones of every pluralistic society,” the Foreign Ministry stressed in a statement.

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America sees a sign of Moscow’s fear of truth reporting. EU Commission Vice-President Vera Djurova called the ban a “senseless retaliation”.

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