How expensive is refueling on vacation?

Austrians holidaying by car should expect fuel prices in many popular holiday countries such as Italy or Greece to be, in some cases, significantly higher than at home. This is shown by the current assessment of the Austrian Transport Agency. Within the EU, Denmark costs almost 101 euros per tank of a 50-litre Eurosuper, Austria averages around 80 euros and Bulgaria a minimum of 67 euros, a comparison by the Austrian Transport Association showed. .

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Expensive favourites

In Italy, a very popular holiday destination, a 50 liter tank of diesel costs five euros more than in this country, and a 50 liter Eurosuper costs 12 euros more. Even in France, you have to dig deep into your pockets at the gas station, which means almost 5 euros for 50 liters of diesel and almost 12 euros for a Eurosuper. In Greece, for a 50 liter Eurosuper, the fuel price is 13 euros higher than in Austria, in Germany it is almost 11 euros and in the Netherlands it is more than 19 euros. In Croatia, the second most popular holiday destination, a 50 liter diesel costs three euros less than in Austria, and a 50 liter Eurosuper costs four euros.

Non-EU countries

Outside the EU, the price of a 50 liter Eurosuper in the UK is over €101 and the price of a 50 liter diesel at €109 is significantly higher than in the EU. In Switzerland you pay 99 euros for a 50-liter Eurosuper, which is almost 19 euros more than in Austria and 21 euros more for a 50-liter diesel, according to the VCÖ.

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In Serbia and Montenegro you pay more for Eurosuper and diesel than in Austria, while fuel prices in Turkey are significantly lower at 59 euros for Eurosuper and 58 euros for diesel.

According to the ÖAMTC, there is also a price difference in Austria: since the gas stations are based in their respective neighboring countries, it is generally more expensive in the west – rather than in geographical proximity to the more expensive countries. Italy and Germany. VCÖ advises driving to save fuel, which can significantly reduce costs.

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