Austrian lotteries – 130 million euros come Friday

The waves created by the last Euromillions superpot have not yet subsided, with a record €240 million win for an Austrian; It's another super pot and with it a chance for a mega win.

As of Friday, January 26, 130 million euros are at stake in the project. That is: the first prize tier will be increased by €millions to €130 million.

In addition, Austrian lotteries are again running the “7 Plus 1” promotion: those who tick at least seven tips on the betting slip or play QuickTips will receive an additional free tip.

If you are satisfied with less than €130 million but want to increase your chances of winning, a EuroMillions share certificate is ideal. You participate in the game with lots of tips for little effort and get a certain share of any winnings. There are three different options: L, XL and XXL. More information is available at all acceptance points and at

By: The share certificate was a huge success last year: At the beginning of August, “5 plus 2 correct” was achieved and 38 Austrians became millionaires in one fell swoop.

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