By June 29: Work begins on cycle path on Eichenstrasse

On Tuesday, May 14, preparatory work will begin for a new cycle path on Eisenstrasse. Work is carried out during the day. Completion is scheduled for Saturday, June 29.

Vienna/Meitling. Expansion of the cycle track network is also being pushed forward at Meidling. The first preparatory works for the implementation of the project in Eichenstrasse will begin on Tuesday, May 14. A structurally separated cycle path is being created from Gaudenzdorfer Belt to Fockygasse.

Until the project is implemented, the first phase will be a temporary two-way cycle lane to keep bicyclists safe. It will be built on the outskirts of the city with a width of 1.80 to 3.3 meters. Concrete barriers are intended to ensure safety.

Temporary replacement pavement

These activities form a link with existing circulation routes in the Gaudenzdorf Belt. Ensure that all driveways and main streets are kept passable. As part of the construction work, the damaged sidewalk and the Hermann-Kluk-Weck will be renovated. During the work, an alternate sidewalk will be installed at the pedestrian stop.

Construction work continues during the day. There is a lane for drivers in the construction zone on Eichenstrasse leading out of town. It is impossible to stop and park in this area.

For two days, to be determined at short notice depending on the progress of construction, it is not possible to turn right onto Eichenstrasse at Gaudenzdorfer Gurtel. Of course this will be indicated in advance. The end of construction is scheduled for Saturday, June 29.

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