Chamber of Commerce – WKO's network event New Year's Eve

The Lower Austrian economy is characterized by “extraordinary strength and a broad mix”, explained the head of the district office, Andreas Hager, at the New Year's reception at the district office. Despite challenging times, the Hager District Office Chief can currently point to 6,102 member companies.

Economic activity in the Gänserndorf district is underlined by around 5,000 contacts with members in 2023. In person, by phone or email I contacted your district office. The most common topics are still energy prices, subsidies and support as well as the supply situation and the situation in the labor market.

“As a regional interest group, our primary goal is not only to create better economic conditions for the region, but also to provide better service to our member companies. The number of member contacts recorded by the district office in 2023 shows that this offer is accepted,” asserts District Office President Hager.

Confidence despite challenges

2023 is a year marked by challenges for many companies. High interest rates, inflation, cost increases and staff shortages in the current economic climate have and continue to impact companies. Nevertheless, the Lower Austrian economy remains optimistic – “This is shown by the unbroken entrepreneurial spirit, innovative strength and creativity of our companies,” insists District Office Head Hager.

The district and branch offices of the WKNÖ are local service providers for companies in Lower Austria. They know what is important in the region and know the local conditions. Bringing the concentrated service and knowledge of WKNÖ to your doorstep – Lower Austria's contact for entrepreneurs.
The Gänserndorf district office is one of a total of 23 WKNÖ contact points throughout Lower Austria, ensuring optimal solutions with their direct line for short routes and regional contacts. In this way, they support companies in creating value in regions, providing jobs and creating quality of life and prosperity in our cities.

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This year, approximately 120 guests accepted the invitation of the WKNÖ district office to the New Year's reception. At the beginning, the district chairman Andrea Brenner-Zigmund served an aperitif, followed by the chairman of the district office Andreas Hager and an overview of the coming year. District Office Manager Philipp Teufl. The highlight of the evening was an interactive feedback session followed by a buffet walk from the inn to the sugar factory.

© Glückslichter Jennifer Schwab Photo
From left: Gänserndorf Chamber of Labor District Branch Manager, Robert Taibl, WIFI Gänserndorf Branch Manager, Erich Stradgel, Committee Member of the Lower Austrian State Guild of Construction Trades and District Branch Committee Member Andreas Giesling, Mayor of Bad Pirawarth, Verena Gstaltner, Lower Austrian Farmers' Association Councilor for Agriculture, Andreas Leidwein, MP of the National Council and Sulz Mayor of Weinviertel, Angela Baumgartner, Mayor of Lassee, Roman Bobits, Head of District Office Lower Austria Chamber of Commerce Gänserndorf, Andreas Hager District Office Manager AMS Gänserndorf, Georg Grund-Groiss, Lower Philipp Teufl, District Office Manager Gänserndorf of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Philip Teufl, Mayor der Wirtschaft Gänserndorf in Marchegg, as well as member of the District Office Committee, Andrea Prenner-Sigmund, District Representative of the State Guild of Haffner Plate and Tile Layers and Ceramics and District Office Committee of Lower Austria Member, Mrs. Franz Kubena, Mayor Matzen-Raggendorf, Stefan Flotz, District Captain, Martin Steinhauser

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