Alpine skiing: Shiffrin goes down lightly in crash

However, according to US Sky, the 28-year-old is being threatened with a two-week layoff. Shiffrin lost her balance after a bump before the second split, falling and hitting the safety net. She was treated for several minutes and then limped off the slope, supported by carers, her face contorted in pain. He was later picked up by a rescue helicopter.

“She's doing really well,” explained American coach Paul Kristobic. “She's in a positive mood and relieved in a way because it could have been worse. But she's in a lot of pain, as with most crashes in sprints.” Shiffrin thanked her fans for their support through social media channels. “I'm taking it day by day. But I don't drive on the weekend or at Kronplatz (Tuesday RTL, note). It's hard to say what will happen next,” the American explained.

Shiffrin falls hard

American Mikaela Shiffrin took a serious fall on the first Cortina descent and was taken to hospital.

Kristobic described where Shiffrin fell. “It was a pretty steep left-hand bend. She took the line a little too much, about a meter to the left. She doesn't fall often, but it can happen. It shows how athletes push themselves to their limits. They have to if they want to be competitive.

Numerous waterfalls in Cortina

Schiff's crash wasn't the only scary moment in the race. Olympic champion Corinne Suter ends her journey early. The Swiss woman screamed in pain after injuring herself while landing after the long jump. Like Shiffrin, he was transported by helicopter and flown to Switzerland for further tests. A torn anterior cruciate ligament and a meniscal injury were found there.

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Sutter's compatriot Michael Kisin felt pain in his right leg after falling and was checked at a hospital in Cortina. Italian Federica Brignone and German Emma Eicher were unhurt when they took off. Nadine Fest, Sabrina Meyer and Lena Wechner were dropped from the ÖSV team. Meyer was wounded in the groin and had already started his journey home.

Sutter stops driving

The Swiss Corinth had to abandon the race due to extreme pain.

Injuries mark the season

Overall, the current season has been marked by injuries. Two weeks ago, Shiffrin's partner, Norwegian Alexander Amot Gilde, suffered a heavy fall on the legendary Labarhorn descent in Wengen.

The 31-year-old's season ended with calf and shoulder injuries. Apart from Gilday, Marco Schwarz and Alexis Pinturault (FRA), others had to exit the men's race early after falls and injuries.

In the women's race, Slovakian Petra Vlova was seriously injured in the home race in Jasna. His season was over, as was Nina Ortlieb's fractured leg while running for Super-G. St. Moritz was in December.

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