Concordia Charity Matinee for Children in Need

Central slogan: Give children wings!

Concordia Community Programs Founded over 30 years ago and is an international, independent aid organization. The main mission of the organization is to support and care for children, youth and families in the poorest regions of Europe – Romania, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Kosovo and Austria. Above all, the goal is for every child to be able to lead an independent life without exclusion.

Concordia goes where the need is greatest. It is ubiquitous in the poor houses of Europe. Children have little chance of survival there The vicious circle of poverty get out Concordia brings Hope in this calamity. Also, Concordia helps those who have fled the war in Ukraine and are further impoverished as a result of the war.

The aid organization works primarily with marginalized population groups, primarily in rural areas and Roma communities. Almost 10,000 people (children, young people, families) in Austria, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Republic of Moldova and Romania benefit from support services every year.

Under the motto “Give the Children Wings” Concordia strongly believes that every person has power and rights Spread your wings and reach your dreams.

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