Controversial “Suburban Girl”: Actress Nina Broll turns 50

She has her roots in the musical arts and has become a cinema and television star: Nina Broll made her breakthrough as an acclaimed shooting star in “Nordrant” at the turn of the millennium, and from 2015 to 2021 she created one of the biggest ORF series hits. “Suburban Girls”. recent past. Nevertheless, the actress and singer, who turned 50 on January 12, did not have only friends: her statements about MeToo and the Corona measures caused severe criticism.

A certain urge to go his own way was evident early on in Proll. Born on January 12, 1974, she initially grew up in Waldviertel near the Czech border – primarily with her grandmother – but moved to Vienna at a young age to take her first acting, dancing and singing lessons. After graduating from Sacré Cœur, a Catholic girls' high school, she studied for a year at the “Theater an der Wien Studios” in Vereinigte Bühnen Wien. In 1996 he graduated from the “Performing Arts Studios Vienna”, where during his training he participated in musical productions in places such as Carinthia and Lower Austria. In 2004, she also played the title role in the VBW production of “Barbarella” at the Raymond Theatre. However, the musical adaptation of the cult comic met with unanimous critical acclaim.

By this point, Broll's focus had already shifted to film and television. The actress first introduced herself to a wider cinema audience in 1998 when she starred alongside her husband, Roland Düringer, in the lead role in the super hit “Hinterholes 8”. Brole's final breakthrough came a year later in Barbara Albert's “Nortrand”. For the role of the young, accidentally pregnant Jasmine, she was not only celebrated as a “shooting star” at Berlinale, but also received the Marcello Mastroianni Prize for Best Young Actress at the Venice Film Festival. This was followed by appearances in “Dernitz, Tennessee”, “Come, Sweet Death” (both 2000), “Swolfeluden”, “Spiel im Morgenkraun” (both 2001), “Keinorhassen” (2007) and “Budenbrooks”. (2008). In 2017, Broll made his screenwriting debut with the romantic comedy “Anna Fucking Molnar”. Directed by Sabine Terblinger, she also played the title role, for which she won a Romy Award in the category “Most Popular Actress in a Motion Picture/TV Movie”.

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The artist is also an old acquaintance on television. Apart from appearing in “Kaisermühlen Blues”, “Braunschlag” or various “Tatort” episodes, he has reached a large audience over the years, especially in the 2015 series “Die Vorstadtweiber” with Maria Koestlinger, Gerdi Drasl, Jürgen Maurer and Bernhard Scheer. . Directed by Harald Sicheritz and Mirjam Unger, the format ran for six seasons with 60 episodes, with a finale in 2021, and is one of the most successful ORF series in recent times. Writer Uli Brée also wrote and directed the series “Aus die Maus”, eight episodes of which aired on Servis, with Brawl playing an actress who starts working at an animal funeral home after being fired from an evening series. TV from the end of 2021.

Also, the Tyrolean-by-choice, who is married to actor Gregor Blob and has two sons, has shown off her singing talent many times – be it through album releases like “12 Songs, Not Bad” (2004). Falco's versions of Do We Are Heroes or “Songs of a Poor Girl” (2006) via Dun Stein Scherben, based on a song cycle by Friedrich Hollander from the 1920s, through concerts – most recently “Can Love Sin” – or in 2020's Pulse 4 By participating in the popular music show “The Masked Singer Austria”. In 2007, Broll was seen at a dance party on the 3rd season of ORF's “Dancing Stars”.

Apart from his artistic work, the celebrated artist has made a name for himself at least as much through his stance on socio-political issues in recent years. In 2018, she drew outrage from reports about the MeToo movement after complaining about “collective whining” during a debate about sexual harassment, and said the image of “women as victims, men as perpetrators” should be reversed. She herself finds a man's sexual advances essentially “pleasant”.

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Broll has also made headlines as a staunch critic of corona measures and an opponent of mandatory vaccination. He considered the rules in place at the time to be “simply immoral and humanely reprehensible” and questioned whether they could still be reconciled with democracy, polarizing his support for controversial actions such as #SealAll or #BuildAll. Variety. The actress also released two songs, “I zag di au” and “Welcome to Democracy” via social media, in which she expressed her displeasure with the pandemic policy.

In any case, ORF congratulates the upcoming 50s with a small project focus. On January 11, ORF III will have a “Soundcheck Austria” version at 11:50 pm, Proll will be the interpreter of well-known suburban songs, including “Vorstadtweep” Proll Sissi Kroner's “Der Nowak won't let me go. Waste”, Gerhard Bronner's “Der G 'Schüpfte Fertil' or 'Ham Gumst' Seiler & Speer.On January 12th, which is the birthday, ORF III will show the crime comedy “Böses Erwachen” (2009) at 9:05 pm, where Prohl plays alongside Uwe Ochsenknecht and Lisa Martinek. .The next day on ORF 1 at 9:50 pm “The crime of the country” reunites with Proll in “The Woman with a Shoe” by Michael Glawoker, who investigates a mysterious murder case with Karl Fischer as co-investigator.

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