Designer Hormanseder has a crush on singer Kaleen

“We Will Rave” should have made the nation dance, but unfortunately it was only good enough for the final spot in the end. “I’m not disappointed. The main thing is that I can be there – no matter where you go,” said the singer. on the streets In addition.

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But the designer was really disappointed Marina Hormanseder, she was responsible for the stage decoration. At least for what was originally planned.

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She kept it at the first ESC rehearsal (a skin-tight, black glittery bodysuit and a white coat) Agreed, but they announced in a press release that they haven’t decided on a final outfit yet.

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“After we invested 700 hours of work and invested 150,000 crystals day and night with Swarovski, I had to find out through the press that Kaleen would still choose the dresses,” Hormanseder says now. Today To relieve her frustration.

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“I lent Kaleen several outfits, some of which she wore on Instagram without tagging me – until today she didn’t mention the outfit she wore at the launch on Instagram and some parts of the performance outfit as mine,” she tells UPAN – newspaper.

For the grand finale, Kaleen paired it with a Hormannseder coat and another silver bodysuit that wasn’t created by the designer.

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“Absolutely forbidden in the industry – we worked together, created and presented a whole outfit – but only our coat was worn without consultation, combined with other people’s clothes. The parts of the dress are not mine, but hers. Stylist, Kaleen very appreciatively mentioned on her Instagram profile – to this day I I was unspecified.

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He was particularly angry because he had other demands from the ESC camp, but chose Austria out of national pride.

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Now she wants her things back. “I am asking Colleen to return all my parts immediately and undamaged.”

What does Kaleen actually say about it? When asked by KURIER, their management said that a statement on this will be coming soon – we will of course wait.

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