Dominic Thiem has split from coach Benjamin Ibrahimzadeh

Dominic Thiem announced his split from coach Benjamin Ibrahimzadeh at a press conference in Scharfling am Attersee on Tuesday, where he and Sebastian Offner discussed their season planning. “Yes, I broke up with Benny after Australia,” Thiem said. A deal is nearing with a successor who will become a dedicated Touring coach. Thiem has yet to name anyone, revealing that he is not Austrian.

Thiem will now train with his father Wolfgang at home in Dreiskirchen and Oberbullendorf. He has changed his plans for the next few months and is returning to the Challenger Tour for a few matches. After this weekend's Davis Cup in Ireland, like Offner, who is playing because of IDF regulations to qualify for the Olympics, Thiem will also take part in the long-promised exhibition tournament (UTS). in Oslo.

Then I will skip the US trip this year and train for another two or three weeks. Then in March I will start with three challenges on the sand: Szekesfehervar, Zadar and Napoli,” said a surprised Thiem. Then he will decide what to do next. He has no points to defend until Monte Carlo. That's why he wants to collect a lot of points from the mentioned challengers.” Then I can quickly move into the top 70 or 60, and I can plan better because the ranking I'm in now is tough. Every 250cc race is a thrilling event.

Opinion: Why Dominic Thiem should make the smart decision now

He was simply missing the last percent, which is why he decided to “come back home.” He doesn't miss much. “I see this as my last chance. If I can do that, it will happen quickly.” Asked what the last chance statement meant, Thiem said: “I'm back two years after the injury and finish 2022 at 100 or higher, last year at 98. If I finish the year at 100 again , I have to consider whether the whole thing is still worth it.” His goal for this year is the top 50.

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After a five-set loss at the Australian Open, the decision was made to change the coach. “For two years I've been in a ranking sphere that I don't want to be in. It definitely puts pressure on me,” Thiem said when asked by APA. “There's a lot of things I've not known for years, like worrying about making it to the majors of the age group.”

However, the 2020 US Open winner and four-time major finalist is dismissing doomsayers online that he only plays for the money. “I never did it for the money. I am not much concerned about money. To be honest, I don't care about the whole topic. For a long time I have been chasing the feeling of playing tennis again in a tournament like I could. How do I demand that from myself.”

No one came as a super coach

Either way, the new touring coach won't be a big name or even a super coach. “No, it wouldn't feel like that, definitely not. I need someone who knows my path. “I was very successful in a certain way.” When asked about a return to Gunter Bresnik, who has long molded him into a great player, Thiem said not anytime soon. “No. It will be someone who has known me as a player – since I was young, I should say. I see this as my only chance to get the finals.”

Last year's final in Kitzbühel was a good week. “But the first rounds at Kids were fighting and I somehow got through it, you have to be honest like that. “So I wasn't going to have much success in the long run.” Then things went well for him in America. “Then unfortunately the stomach problem came.” Clarified, everything is fine in the stomach.

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