EU Supply Chain Legislation: A Debate on Returning to the Negotiating Table

Regarding the so-called EU supply chain law, the SPÖ demanded that the topic be placed on the agenda of the EU subcommittee of the National Council at short notice. Both the SPÖ and the FPÖ submitted a request for a statement to the meeting – with opposing positions. In the SPÖ's view, it is important to prevent supply chain legislation from failing at European level. The central government must express this in all votes to adopt European supply chain legislation. Economy Minister Martin Kocher recently announced his departure from the Austrian side.

The FPÖ, in turn, called for the rejection of the proposed directive, by Justice Minister Alma Zadic, who has consistently spoken out in favor of supply chain legislation at the European level. Neither motion received a majority in the committee. So only the SPÖ voted for the SPÖ motion, and only the FPÖ voted for the FPÖ motion.

Secretary of State Suzanne Krauss-Winkler, who represents Economy Minister Kocher in the group, emphasized that the aim was to return to the negotiating table in order to achieve breakthroughs and a practical solution. The ÖVP also acknowledged this. The Greens were unhappy that the departments could not come to an agreement. Further negotiations are expected. NEOS will propose a different supply chain law than the current law.

The group also discussed human trafficking, the Frontex report, EU asylum crisis management and the EU's resettlement program for those in need of protection. Two movements of the FPÖ remained in the minority, against any distribution of migrants between EU member states and against EU immigration policy.

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Earlier in the day, the topic of supply chain legislation was also on the agenda of the Bundesrat's EU Committee. The SPÖ also made a demand for this. But due to lack of time the discussion was postponed.

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