Geildaler Seppi is tired of being alone and longs for unity

Host Arabella Kiesbauer packs her suitcases with various turns and a pair of rubber boots to take on new adventures with her camera crew: Tonight, Wednesday, the first episode of the 21st season of “Bauer Sucht Frau” is lit at 8:15 on ATV. pm and on free streaming platform JOYN screens. Two farmers who find true love and want to welcome a provider to their farms across Austria, talk about their expectations, their life on the farm and their single existence. Among them is the “nostalgic Geildaler” Seppi, who is reported by Giesbauer with the following words: “Those who are simply loyal, always there when you need them. They accompany you in life, but you still do not notice them. So is our next farmer, but from now on he leaves his shadowy presence and attracts attention. .

The 31-year-old from Geildal greeted the TV crew with typical Carinthian pretzeljas and a bottle of beer. “Very charming,” concluded Giesbauer, as Seppi straightened his chair and promptly gave her a “do”: “If you need a break, you’ll be drawn to this part of Austria, and so will the people here. Put on a slightly soothing smile.” What can you do? , what you can do, what you can’t do, and what you can do the next day.

Yard renovation, marriage and children

It is with this spirit that he manages his own farm and also carries on the business of cattle fattening, grazing and forestry. “Farming gives me a sense of freedom. I am my own boss. There is nothing more beautiful than watching cattle frolic in the grass,” says the farmer. Since taking over the farm, he has shaped the business. She now wants the women’s support when renovating the farmhouse: “I want to bring in their wishes and ideas. I’m tired of being alone and I long for togetherness. I want to find true love, make something with her and start a family. I will carry my future wife in my arms,” says Seppi, who also openly admits that he feels a little lonely since his mother’s death.

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After this confession, things get emotional when Sebby talks about his childhood in the children’s home, which he remembers as “beautiful” but made it so much. This phase of his life has shown him that “nothing is given to you for free,” which is why he is now especially motivated to design his farm. Because he wants to share his cow-shaped sheets with his future wife, but also his future. “Girls can expect a good, honest, helpful and hardworking guy who is open to everything,” says Seppi about himself.

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