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Thanks to numerous sponsors, winemaking partners and supporters, festival director Hermann Tollerer and his team were able to put together a comprehensive annual program that included drama, song and music. From June 27 to August 29, 20 performances will be held at Coling Fort. To mark the anniversary, a themed trail called “Traces of Artists” will be opened in Koling in honor of famous artists such as Gustav Klimt, Peter Simonisek and Otto Schenck.

“Above all, we want to celebrate the successes of the past decades together with loyal festival visitors, supporters and sponsors, and artists,” emphasizes the host. Some of them have been with the festival since its inception, while others have become part of the festival family over time.

© Döllerer
Festival Board Member Herman Tollerer

World famous artists

The summer of 2024 is specifically dedicated to the artists who made the festival what it is today. Visitors can expect famous and popular faces such as Angelika Kirchschlager, Alfred Dorfer, Karl Markovics, Brigitte Karner, Fritz Karl, Elena Uhlig, Günther Groissböck, Nicole Beutler and Tamara Metelka.

On the occasion of the anniversary, five people will take the stage at the festival in Koling Castle: Nicholas Ofcerek, Cornelius Obonia, Tobias Moretti, Michael Mertens and Philipp Hochmeir.
Various programs ensure entertaining evenings. Artists from the very beginning of the Koling Festival will also be present this year, with Martin Kubik and the Ensemble Salzburg-Wiener and Dominik Helsberg and the Philharmonia Schrammeln.

Art & Cooking

A colorful variety show is always accompanied by culinary highlights at Döllerer's Inn and Restaurant, which makes the festival at Koling Castle very special. “It all started with food,” says Hermann Tolerer. “It shapes cultural and artistic events and at the same time crowns them.”

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