Here’s what King Charles really thinks of new Prime Minister Starmer

After Labour’s landslide victory in the British general election, the head of state Koenig Charles III. their leader Kir Starmer He was appointed as the country’s new prime minister on Friday.

The king has Starmer The task of forming the government, the palace said. was before Charles Resignation of previous head of government Rishi Sunak Adopted by conservative Tories.

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British body language expert Gamble James Examined the King’s meeting with the new Prime Minister. He says he noticed a certain sympathy: “In the beginning you could see how Starmer lowered his head and upper body a little to show respect to the king. Their handshake seemed firm and friendly,” James told the tabloid. Glass. The two men seemed to like each other, says James: “Hitherto their demeanor showed an unusual closeness, they shook hands and chatted constantly, almost like old friends.”

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Starmer “set the tone”

Both seem to be having fun. “At one point (…) Charles made a characteristic gesture with his index finger, indicating that he was sharing a moment of humor,” James said. But Starmer appeared authoritarian in between: “When the two sat side by side, it was Starmer who sent non-verbal signals of authority and status by using politicians’ tricks and gesticulating with his hands during conversation. There had to be a humble attitude.” He suggested that he’s the one calling the shots here, while Charles conveniently listened.”

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Britain now has a social democratic prime minister for the first time in more than a decade. Starmer campaigned for a restart. “Our work is urgent and we start it today,” he said in his first appearance at Downing Street in London. However, he admitted that this could not be achieved in the short term and understood the disillusionment in politics in the country.

Changing a country is not comparable to flipping a switch. “It’s going to take some time,” Starmer said after meeting Charles. Starmer was the first Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown And Tony Blair.

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