High tension on Streif – Odermat with amazing timing

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Frenchman Cyprien Sarrazin won the first descent at Streep. Who will win the second race in Kitzbühel? Live ticker.

  • First descent in Kitzbühel: Cyprian Sarrazin wins
  • Departure at Kitzbühel: Will dominator Marco Odermatt strike again?
  • This live ticker will be updated regularly

7 – Marco Odermatt (SUI): Today's favorite one. Odermatt on a perfect first jump, but he also goes wide, but stays on the move. The Swiss with a very strong intermediate time would be enough to take the lead in the end. An incredible performance by Odermatt who clocked 1:53.87. Is it win time already?

6 – Ryan Cochran-Siegel (USA): He had a strong race yesterday and things are going well for the American today. Ryan Cochran-Siegle risks everything and takes a narrow lead.

5 – Justin Mauricier (SUI): Odermatt's friend comes out wide and he can't hold the line. He has to push harder and as a result loses a lot of time. In the lower section he goes “all in” and comes out ahead again. In the end he had to concede defeat to Hemetzberger.

4 – Adrien Theaux (FRA): The first Frenchman started today. “He couldn't put pressure on the skis,” says Felix Neurether after the first part. However, he has been in the lead for a while. But the mistakes keep piling up – eventually third place.

3 – Romet Baumann (GER): The oldest player in the German team is in the starting box. Early on he makes a big mistake that costs him a lot of time. In the middle section he again works a little, but again loses a lot. There is a gap of 0.73 seconds at the end.

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2 – Daniel Hemetzberger (AUT): He is a bit unwell and has a knee problem. He is chasing Sander's time and is easily in the lead.

1 – Andreas Sander (GER): Germany start today in Streif. He has some trouble on a very snowy slope. The result was 1:55.50. We will have to wait and see what this time is worth.

+++ 11.20 am: Voltage increases. It starts in ten minutes and plays Kitzbühel weather. “It's the most important ski race in the world and I already have goosebumps,” says Felix Neurether at ARD. Coincidentally, Thomas Tressen starts his last race with the number 31.

Departure in Kitzbühel: the last race to Dreßen

+++ 11.05 am: It will certainly be a very emotional day for Thomas Dreesen, who will end his career after today's race. “It's just that it's physically impossible to be in the lead. Of course, this decision was not easy for me,” said the 30-year-old. But he wants to relive his last time in Streif.

Updated on January 20, 10:43 am: The race is completely sold out. Felix Neureuther believes it will be an exciting race as many drivers have what it takes to win. In addition to Marco Odermatt, former slalom rider Dominic Paris (Italy) and the Austrians were named.

First report: Kitzbühel – We continue the second race on the famous strip. For the third time in a row, two races will be held on the famous track in Kitzbühel. For spectators, it's certainly one of the highlights of winter, but athletes and professionals alike complain of high levels of stress.

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Departure at Kitzbühel: Will Odermatt strike again in second race?

The start of the first ski run on the legendary Sreif in Kitzbühel was postponed to Friday. Due to light snow and poor visibility, the race, originally scheduled for 11:30 a.m., was postponed by an hour, the World Federation of Phys announced. In the end, Cyprian Sarasin won.

The Frenchman won by a narrow margin over Italian Florian Scheider, who was only 0.05 seconds slower. Switzerland's Marco Odermatt (+0.34), who already celebrated seven victories this season, had to be content with third place this time. In the second race at Streif, Dominar will attack to claim the top spot for the eighth time this winter.

Cyprien Sarrazin won the first race of 2024 at Streep. © IMAGO/Oryk HAIST

For Thomas Dreesen, the downhill race in Kitzbühel will be the last race of his career. DSV Ace announced his resignation due to continued ill health. The 30-year-old will finish the Hahnenkamm race last.

Departure in Kitzbühel: the last race to Dreßen

“It is a shame that this has happened. It was known somewhere. I was in the room with him and saw how much he had to invest in driving,” his teammate Romet Baumann said of Dresen's early career finish. “Of course you wouldn't want it to end like that physically,” said Andreas Sander, who finished second downhill at the 2021 world championships, but Tressen “definitely made the right decision”.

Dresen will compete in his 80th World Cup race in Kitzbühel. Exactly six years ago, he sensationally achieved his first victory in Streif. (Smr)

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