Insignificance may lead to additional payments

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Many part-time employees are currently receiving benefits or have already received benefits in the past few weeks Additional claims for social security contributions and income tax Will be given. Two part-time workers are also affected.

Anyone who has a part-time job in addition to their main job as extra income and gross income 13,981 Euros per annum Exceeds, falls below next year Compulsory assessmentAs AK expert Bernadette Bochim said Small newspaper Calculated. That is, you must submit an employee assessment (payroll tax adjustment) for the relevant calendar year.

In this case, additional income from part-time work is also subject to income tax. In addition, contributions for health and pension insurance are also collected retrospectively. Many employees are surprised by this every year and end up having to pay the entire difference up front. This will lead to short-term financial crisis.


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Line equation

So it is recommended Report this to the health insurance provider immediatelyIf you have two part-time jobs or one as additional income to your full-time job. It means one can Monthly medication will be launched.

Small job as extra income

die Marginal Revenue Margin has increased significantly in recent years:

From the beginning of 2017, there is no daily marginal income limit.

In addition to receiving your pension, unemployment benefit or maternity leave, you can receive additional income up to your marginal salary without losing repayment or benefits. This year there are also additional new regulations regarding supplementary income for pensioners. The Amount of Additional Revenue Caps in 2024 Find here at


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