KV talks fail with AUA in-board staff: Strikes threatened over Easter travel period

KV discussion with AUA in-board staff failed. The company hopes the working group will return to the negotiating table.

Negotiations regarding KV for AUA in-board staff have failed so far.

There is now the threat of industrial meetings and strikes during the crucial Easter travel period. The workers' council broke off negotiations, a company spokesman told APA. “We hope the working group will return to the negotiating table soon,” he said. Another day of talks is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday. A spokesman said the company was prepared to speak further on Friday.

“Company forces us to industrial action at travel time”

Daniel Lipard Vida, the responsible union, confirmed that talks had broken down “after 16 or 17 rounds of negotiations”. He didn't know exactly now. “We have accommodated AUA in negotiations, but despite record results, the company is taking the position that it will only cover annual inflation of 7.8 percent. This is unacceptable to Austrian Airlines employees. They want to keep. The employees are on paper. We have informed the company that they must submit a serious offer to us. .” Addendum: “Company throws us into labor dispute at Easter travel time.” However, the Vida union did not want to make the necessary decisions until Friday.

Initially no report was received from the task force. Holy Week is an important travel time. Recently, hundreds of flights were canceled due to corporate meetings. According to an AUA spokesperson, the task force said it was forced to take combat measures. “We hope there are no strikes for passengers to travel over the Easter holiday.”

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Once again, the Vida union's demand would bring about a 40 percent increase for some salary levels, taking into account benefits such as tenure terms, a company spokesman warned. There are no clear public demands from employee representatives. The company is poised to increase salaries by an average of 18 percent for cockpit and cabin crew and 28 percent for co-pilots — but not just this year, as the union has demanded.

In a conversation with APA, the company representative was concerned because the union wanted to negotiate only until the end of 2024 (starting March 2024). The AUA itself recommends a period of 22 months – ie till the end of 2025. The corporate package basically consists of “rolling inflation, profit sharing and long-term increases”.

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