MEGA WIN FOR DANCE STUDIO – SUCCESS IN ORF SHOW: “Truly unique” seizes “huge opportunity”

The jury, moderators and ORF General Roland Weissmann (r.) congratulated “The Big Chance – Let’s Sing and Dance” on the success of the show, which was “truly unique”.

ORF/Hans Leitner, Hans Leitner

Sensational: The Mödlinger Tanzstudio holds the upper hand in the finale “Die Große Chance – Let’s sing and dance”. Second place is in Lower Austria: Kerstin Schmidt from the district of Amstetten.

Time – Another emotional story about burns, healing and the true meaning of life, this time a “truly unique” group of 58 people again came in the top 2 in the final of the ORF program after the first vote. It was clear in 90 seconds of voting: Tom Palms and Lisa Tadsper’s dance studio, The trophy and 50,000 euros were won at Gretel Schatz-Steig in Modling.

Already after the performance, the trend was clearly set, at least for the jury: “I’ll call for you,” praised Christina Sturmer: “I’m wondering if my daughter should start with you.”

Thorsteinn Einarsson asked the “time” message: “During your performance I thought about spending more time with the family again. Good.”

Caesar Sampson “is speechless every time. You communicate emotions and touch me every time.”

Lisa and Tom thanked all the invitees and especially the dancers: “We are proud of this crowd.” Now you return to the studio with 50,000 euros. Or, as moderator Andy Knoll calculated: “862 euros for each of the 58 dancers.”

Kerstin Schmidt put in a great performance and took second place

Great opportunity

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