Meghan is the first (Charles-inspired?) to introduce the product

After a few professional setbacks begin Duchess Meghan By new.

The newspaper reported in mid-March that Meghan had founded a lifestyle brand times and other British media. A trademark called American Riviera Orchard is registered with the US Patent Office under which tableware, cookbooks and jams can be sold. It is believed to be a lifestyle brand, The Gwyneth PaltrowThe company's “Coupe” is intended to compete, and is certainly promising.

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Megan presents her first product

Megan has now launched her new company's first product on the market. The Duchess of Sussex sent a jar of strawberry jam to influencers and friends. Fashion designer Tracy Robbins and Argentine celebrities Delphina Balquier One of them posted a picture of the product on their Instagram stories today.

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Robbins and her husband, Paramount boss Brian RobbinsWith Megan and Prince Harry friends and invited her to a film premiere in Jamaica in January. Both are friends with Balquier, who is a close friend of Prince Harry Nacho Figuras married.

Megan's Jam is the latest launch amid a trend of celebrities marketing their own food products. Like selling Julianne Moore, Will Ferrell And LeBron James Honey from their own gardens by the Flamingo Estate brand for up to $250 per jar.

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