Modular 3D Printer Housing from 3D Printer

There is a Startup PrintableAccessories Kickstarter campaign A modular pressure house was started. The corresponding 3D model files are designed for common FDM and resin printers.

According to PrintableAccessories, the design is particularly stable and requires no support structures during 3D printing. The blocks are easy to assemble with glue or some mounting anchors.

The company offers replacement side panels made of acrylic or plastic fibers, depending on the respective printer model. Exhaust systems can also be installed through a hole and pipe system to reduce harmful emissions.

According to PrintableAccessories, the modular system includes several additional modules to customize functionality and appearance. A special feature is the directly printed hinges without any assembly effort.

Overall, Pressure Housing addresses growing customer needs: the modular approach enables a cost-effective housing alternative for home users.

die Propaganda It's still running on Kickstarter for a few days, but the original goal of $5,000 was exceeded after a few days. Funding currently stands at over 200,000 euros. The project can be supported with $69.

A simple plan for a 3D printed housing can also be found here for free Portal Printables.

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