Nespresso Summer Collection “Unforgettable Summer” –

The Mediterranean flair leaves you wanting more

The new Nespresso summer collection impresses with bright, cheerful colors.  The focus of the color palette is a striking mandarin orange.

The new Nespresso summer collection impresses with bright, cheerful colors. The focus of the color palette is a striking mandarin orange.

Nespresso presents a summer collection this year that represents Mediterranean flair and an unmistakable Mediterranean lifestyle. The limited, summer collection “Unforgettable Mediterranean Summer” features refreshing, new coffee variations and colorful accessories and coffee machines.

die New Nespresso Summer Collection Must be sure Mediterranean lifestyle With stylish 70s vibes. The A limited collection Refreshing coffee with variations and innovations as well as colorful accessories and coffee machines.

The Limited Edition Essenza Mini Pantone has been redesigned in Mandarin Orange.

For the summer collection, Nespresso teamed up with the color experts at Pantone to create one Own feel color paletteIt is intended to evoke iconic coastal towns: in the center Five Shades standing inside A striking mandarin orangeIt combines with Habanero Gold, Muskmelon, Watercolors and Blue Lolite to create a rich, cheerful look.

More than cold coffee

The Nespresso Summer Collection has one Limited edition cold coffees For hot summer days – especially for that Enjoy the ice cream appropriate. New this year: something smooth and refreshing Barista Creations Sunny Almond on Vanilla Ice for VERTUO settingA slightly roasted Arabica blend with almond flavor and a hint of sweet vanilla.

The new Iced Coffee NOMAD tumbler in a new, limited edition.

This year’s seasonal BARISTA CREATIONS for Ice collection also includes a series of coffee varieties. So e.g Mild cold and severe cold The original structure and Light snow and strong snow For the VERTUO system. Also Barista Creations Coconut flavor over ice The original structure and Tropical coconut flavor over ice VERTUO returns to texture (coconut aroma with toasted caramel notes and hints of vanilla).

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Eye catching accessories

The summer collection is complemented by eye-catching accessories in bright colours, embellished with the iconic Pantone chip. The Machine models VERTUO Pop and Essenza Mini Pantone Limited Edition became Redesigned in Mandarin Orange. And the Aerosino 3 Pantone milk secretion This summer the iconic Mandarin Orange gets a new coat of paint. It is also available in limited edition The mug is Pantone Limited Edition Manual.

They are ideal for enjoying ice-cold coffee on the go NOMAD travel mug And new Iced coffee NOMAD TumblerIn a new, limited look Bright Pantone colors. On top (and ready ice cream in style). Colorful barista ice cube tray. Creative, new Recipes for summer coffee drinks to try Try it at

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