New in Economic Group (PK0706/06/24/2024) | Austrian Parliament

Vienna (PK) – The “AWG amendment for digitization” of the Waste Management Act (2561 dB), among other things, helps to implement EU requirements and aims to regulate the detailed legal provisions for deposits in disposable bottles and cans. Apply from 2025 onwards. In addition to the container volumes affected by one-way deposits, the supervision of the central office responsible for the flow of goods, money and data in this area in the Ministry of Climate Protection and Environment is also determined.

In addition to other obligations related to transparency and objectivity, 0.5% of the bottlers’ or importers’ contributions should be set up as a one-way deposit as a waste avoidance contribution and paid to the municipalities. An application for an “Electronic Data Management – Environment” (EDM) system is also to be developed to require reporting on allocation of reusable packaging. Also, further digitization measures are being taken to increase efficiency in waste management such as introduction of complete electronic consignment note and electronic approval process. Detailed assessments of data from the registry are intended to support the implementation of the circular economy strategy.

The amendment also amends clarifications regarding the participation of environmental organizations in the approval process for treatment plants. These are necessary because of the existing infringement proceedings against Austria. (end) mbu

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