Lose Weight Through Liver Detox: A Dual Benefit Treatment

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Choice of beverages plays an important role in liver toxicity. © Imago

Could your liver use a break? Find out how to detox them naturally, improve your well-being and shed a few kilos.

The liver is the “garbage disposal” of the body. It removes toxins and waste products from the body such as alcohol, drugs, ammonia and damaged blood cells. But the liver can do more. It filters pathogens from the blood, stores vitamins, and produces substances necessary for fat digestion. A diseased liver manifests itself in various symptoms in the body.

If you’re constantly feeling tired, can’t enjoy your meals, and have frequent nausea, it could be a sign that your liver needs help. Specifically Excessive consumption of fat and sugar, alcohol, nicotine and drugs put a strain on the liver. If you want to do something good for your vital organ, you should allow it to rest from time to time. You don’t have to change your entire daily routine and you don’t need expensive detox teas and nutritional supplements. You can take a lot of trouble off your liver by following the five rules listed below and by loving the foods you’ll find further down in the text.

Who benefits from liver toxicity?

Many people swear by regular detox treatments to relieve stress on the liver. There are many options to choose from: from a one-day liver detox to a complete liver cleanse over several weeks, everything is possible. But does liver toxicity really make sense? Basically, it doesn’t hurt anyone to protect the liver from toxins. In particular, smokers and heavy drinkers should regularly take “detox free” days. A good side effect: if you give up sweets for a while, you lose extra pounds. Even if you experience physical symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, right-sided abdominal pain, and fatigue, you cannot abuse liver toxicity. However, if these symptoms do not disappear on their own after a few weeks and are accompanied by fever and weight loss, you should see a doctor. Fatty liver may be the cause According to Zurich University Hospital.

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Liver Detoxification: Free the detoxifying organ easily and without much effort

If you don’t want to plan your day strictly according to a detox program—including time-consuming recipes and expensive detoxification products, the benefits of which are generally unproven—it’s better to get rid of your liver with small changes in your daily life. . The most important steps at a glance:

  • Luxury foods Alcohol and nicotine should not be consumed daily. If you want to do your liver good during detoxification, you should regularly take alcohol- and smoke-free days—if complete abstinence is not an option. Long-term abstinence is even better for the liver.
  • Lots of sugar and fat It means hard work for the liver. If you’re a true chocoholic or don’t want to miss your weekly curry, no need to worry. In moderation, these foods are healthy and not a problem for the liver. However, convenience foods, fast foods, and other sugar and fat bombs are beneficial to the organ during the non-ending phases (which can last from 24 hours to several weeks) on the plate.
  • In addition to a balanced diet, this is important, at least during a “liver detox.” Two liters of water Or drinking unsweetened tea a day.
  • Further Movement It helps to stimulate the metabolism and thus relieves the stress on the liver. You don’t have to go to the gym for this: every flight of stairs, short commute by bike instead of car, and daily brisk walks promote a healthy liver.
  • Last but not least: enough Sleep Important. Adults should sleep seven to eight hours a day.
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From Garlic to Turmeric: Some foods cleanse the liver naturally

The right foods also act as detoxification therapy for the body and liver. Portals Geo And Fantasy List the following spices and vegetables:

  • Garlic Increases the productivity of the liver, which means that harmful substances are removed faster and the organ is better protected.
  • Walnuts Glutathione, omega-3 fatty acids and L-arginine are said to support the liver in eliminating ammonia.
  • Spicy salads and dandelions Stimulates fat digestion.
  • Further Artichokes There are many bitter substances that have a detoxifying effect on the liver.
  • Ginger Warms from within, supports the immune system and thus relieves the liver.
  • Lemon Neutralizes acids in the body and stimulates digestion.
  • Road Beat Betanin is a pigment that reduces fat accumulation in the liver and supports its function. ok Information.
  • Linseed oil The omega-3 fatty acids it contains have an anti-inflammatory effect, which is also beneficial for the liver.
  • Yarrow tea has a liver-protecting effect.
  • Further Milk thistle fruit extracts Prevents harmful effects. The silymarin in it strengthens the liver cells and helps regenerate the damaged liver.

Liver Detoxification in Three Days: Is It Possible?

The longer you detox your liver, the better. Like a magazine of knowledge Geo As cited by the Medical Associations, at least four weeks of liver detoxification should be scheduled. How long this organ needs to be recovered and, ideally, regenerated – depends on the situation. But even a short “liver treatment” for a few days has positive effects. In general, every day that the liver does not need to break down toxins such as nicotine or alcohol improves the health of the vital detoxifying organ.

This article contains only general information on the respective health topic and is therefore not intended for self-diagnosis, treatment or medication. It does not replace a doctor’s visit in any way. Our editorial team is not allowed to answer personal questions about medical conditions.

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