“Our glass is full”: Beer Party contests National Council elections

Dominik Vlasny and his party want to be on the ballot in the fall, despite not yet reaching their self-imposed target of supporters. He wants to present his colleagues on May 8.

Dominik Vlasny's Beer Party has decided: although it has not yet reached the target of supporters it set itself, it wants to be on the ballot in the autumn. Because: “Our glass is half full and continues to fill,” Wlazny said at a press conference at the Concordia Press Forum. The doctor and musician announced at the end of March that he had reached half of his budget goal – he wanted to raise 1.2 million euros by the end of April. Calculated differently: 20,000 new party members paying a 59 euro membership fee. A “cash collapse” was announced today on Tuesday.

In the past few months, beer party meetings have been held in almost all federal states and there has been lively exchange with the people. At the same time, work is being carried out on the installation and expansion of internal and external structures. Additionally, “we're constantly expanding our menu,” Wlazny said, referring to the Choice program, which has recently been criticized for its vagueness.

The next talk is on May 8

Incidentally, the early autumn was not the first for the beer party: “BIER” made its debut in the early National Council elections in 2019, but only in Vienna at that time. In the capital, Vlasny's list also contested state and local council elections in October 2020, but failed to enter the state parliament with 1.80 percent of the vote. However, since then, Beer Party candidates have sat on eleven Vienna district councils. Wlazny actually won the 2022 federal presidential election in third place with 8.3 percent of the vote behind Alexander van der Bellen and Walter Rosenkranz (FPÖ).

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A number of recent studies have shown that the Beer Party has a higher chance of passing the five percent threshold to enter the National Council if it contests.

One thing is certain: “The beer party is here to stay,” said Vlasny, who wants to speak again on May 8 to present his fellow campaigners. (edition)

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