Prevent vitamin D deficiency with the following foods

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A healthy adult can meet vitamin D needs through sunlight and certain foods. Find out what these are here.

Vitamin D strengthens muscles and bones and is involved in many metabolic processes in the body. Our body can produce it with the help of sunlight. In people who are usually outdoors, the skin produces 80 to 90 percent of the vitamin D it needs under normal living conditions in this country, reports the pharmacology Umschau. It does not require long sunbathing. Simply expose your hands, face, and parts of your arms and legs to sunlight daily. However, the skin’s own protection time should not be exceeded due to the risk of skin cancer.

Many foods help provide vitamin D to the body. Some also take nutritional supplements. However, you should not take them without a doctor’s advice. Too much vitamin D can cause kidney stones or kidney calcification. According to Pharmacy Umschau, anyone who does not take vitamin D products, but only gets vitamin D in the form of sunlight and food, should not worry about an overdose. The German Association for Nutrition also warns: “Since the majority of the healthy German population is not expected to be vitamin D deficient, vitamin D supply should only be determined in those at risk or with reasonable suspicion of deficiency.” In extreme cases it can Vitamin D deficiency in children leads to X or O legs*Reports

Take vitamin D supplements only if your doctor has diagnosed a deficiency

If your doctor diagnoses vitamin D deficiency, various dietary supplements may be considered. Your doctor can prescribe a product for you. For example, pharmacies and drugstores have a large selection of products Vitamin D 1000 von Doppelherz (ad link).

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Vitamin D bombs: These foods contain particularly high levels of the “sunshine hormone.”

Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine hormone because, strictly speaking, it is a precursor to a hormone. When the sun hits our skin, the liver and kidneys produce active vitamin D, reports Norddeutscher Rundfunk. But the following foods may be the best sources of vitamin D:

  • Salmon fish: 85 grams contains 375 international units (IU) of vitamin D.
  • fish fish: According to Business Insider, one serving of raw rainbow trout contains 540 IU of vitamin D.
  • Maytake pills: 150 grams of raw maitake mushrooms contain 786 IU of vitamin D.
  • Owner: One large egg contains 44 international units of vitamin D.

When buying fish: Choose fish raised in sustainable or organic aquaculture to avoid overfishing the world’s oceans. So, pay attention to organic and eco-labels when buying. The Nature Conservation Society Germany e. V. Recommends Above all Natural wild fish “A very ambitious ecological certification system”. A company certification system is also generally recommended Friend of the sea. According to Bayerischer Rundfunk, fish should be considered a special food and an everyday food. (jg) *A courtesy of and IPPEN.MEDIA.

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