Refusal to testify at the U-Committee: Benco must pay a fine of 700 euros

Cigna founder Rene Benko has been fined by a federal administrative court.

The parliamentary committee to investigate the covid-funding firm Kofac has completed its work, but there are still many fallout from the probe. Bankrupt investor Rene Benko was fined for refusing to testify. According to the decision of the Federal Administrative Court, Benco must pay 700 euros. He can still appeal to the Constitutional Court or the Administrative Court.

After several failed attempts Benko appeared as a person to give information to the U-Committee and was rounded up by the police. The entrepreneur largely distanced himself by citing the numerous actions against him and the equally bankrupt Cigna Group of Companies. Finally, three mandatory sentences were sought for “refusal to testify.”

However, in two cases, Benko properly refused to testify, a federal administrative court has now found. The fines actually imposed refer to questions about “salat en”. Yannick Shetty, head of NEOs, wanted to know if many ex-government members had visited Benco’s luxury property. The Investor Committee had said that it would not normally answer any questions on this topic. (APA)

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