Regionally heavy rain at the start of the week, then the weather improved

Heavy rain is expected in the region on Monday. The weather will improve over the next few days, but there is still a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures are expected to rise to 28 degrees on Friday.

At the start of the week, a Mediterranean depression brings heavy rain to Austria. Geosphere Austria predicts that the impact of the disturbances will decrease significantly from Tuesday. Clouds will dominate the west with intermittent showers on Monday morning. Showers and thunderstorms will increase in the morning in the east and southeast; Initial temperatures range from eight to 15 degrees, with maximum values ​​ranging from 16 to 23 degrees.

There will be long periods of sunshine and no rain in the north and east during the day on Tuesday. In the west and especially in the south, increasing numbers of cumulus clouds, followed by showers and thunderstorms can be expected again. On the eastern edge of the Alps there is only a revival of northeasterly winds, otherwise it is quite windy. After nine to 15 degrees at the start of the day, the thermometer climbs to 19 to 24 degrees as the day progresses.

Thunderstorms are likely in the next few days

On Wednesday, the weather will remain mostly friendly in many parts of the country, and it will be mostly sunny after the remaining clouds or isolated areas of early fog clear. However, starting from the central and southern mountains, a few high cumulus clouds are forming and rain and thunderstorms will increase significantly over the region. In the north and east it should be mostly dry by mid-week. The minimum temperature ranges from eight to 14 degrees and the maximum temperature ranges from 22 to 26 degrees.

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On Thursday, a weak disturbance zone will bring light clouds and isolated showers mostly in the north of the country in the morning and afternoon. Otherwise the sun is often involved. From the afternoon, powerful focal clouds will form, especially in the central mountains and the southern part of the Alps, which may bring frequent showers and thunderstorms. Initial temperatures range from nine to 18 degrees, with maximum values ​​ranging from 21 to 27 degrees.

On Friday, very warm but unstable air masses will reach Austria with a westerly high-altitude flow. After the initial fog clears the fields, the sun will shine early in many places. However, during the day, cumulus cloud formation begins very quickly. Finally, rain and thundershowers can be expected regionally as well. The eastern plains are also unlikely to be spared. The temperature will rise again slightly between nine and 16 degrees in the morning and 22 to 28 degrees in the afternoon. (APA)

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