Report: Netanyahu lays out post-war cabinet plan…

Israel's military must have full security control over the entire coastal area. Of course, this also applies to the Palestinian West Bank. The Palestinians say it is an occupation.

Tel Aviv. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has presented his plan for managing the Gaza Strip after the war to his defense cabinet, according to a media report. “The Times of Israel” newspaper reported on Friday night that it expects the entire coastal area (slightly less than Vienna's size) to be fully controlled by the Israeli army, as Netanyahu has always reiterated before.

Regarding the future administration of the Gaza Strip, the policy document states vaguely that it will be led by “local authorities” with professional experience. These would have no links to “states or organizations that support terrorism”.

Benjamin Netanyahu in Israeli depiction (image from 2023).Reuters / Ronen Swollen

The Palestinian Authority (PA), which rules the West Bank, is reportedly not named explicitly in the plan. However, this does not exclude their contribution to future governance. The plan is largely based on well-known principles that Netanyahu has repeatedly expressed. But this is the first time they have been formally tabled in the Cabinet, the newspaper wrote.

The US relies on a renewed PA led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and wants to regain control of the Gaza Strip. Israel has rejected this, accusing the autonomous authority of supporting terrorism.

Anti-Palestinian State

The PA strongly condemned Netanyahu's plans on Friday. The Foreign Ministry said in Ramallah that the plan refers to the reoccupation of the Gaza Strip. It also undermines international efforts to establish a Palestinian state. Instead, the plan serves Netanyahu's interests to prolong the war and stay in power.

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Israel's prime minister has so far rejected calls by some right-wing extremist ministers for the depopulation of the Gaza Strip. Israel's most important ally, the United States, is committed to a two-state solution that envisions the coexistence of Israel and Arab-Palestinian states.

Israel demands military control of all Palestinian territories, even if an agreement is reached with the Palestinians. Netanyahu recently clarified that this includes the West Bank and Gaza.

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