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Criticism of the communication surrounding the Greens’ EU top candidate Lena Schilling continues unabated. Former EU MP for the Greens, Johannes Wockenhuber, did not speak well of his former party in the interview series “Bee Budgen”.

Voggenhuber described the Greens’ communication in recent weeks as “inappropriate”. “If you put a young candidate — a very young candidate — on your shield, you’re tasked with managing that kind of crisis differently.” It has already faced charges.

Schilling “too young”, but “talented”

Schilling himself described Wogenhuber as “very young” in the European Parliament. “For some things, especially war and peace, social distribution, decisions that affect millions of people, you need a certain amount of life experience in which personal responsibility is very high.”

Voggenhuber in the “At Budgen” interview

Voggenhuber said Schilling was a “great political talent”. “She could have been expected to learn what to do, and that would have been good for her.” However, Wogenhuber gives great credit to the decision not to withdraw. “Because accusations aren’t enough, even if you exhibit behavior you can’t be proud of.”

Voglauer looks “unacceptable”

Last week, Greens Secretary General Olga Voglauer talked about “Silberstein methods” but backtracked after a while. “It’s unacceptable,” Vaughanhuber said. Wogenhuber said the appearance of Green Party leader Werner Kögler and club president Sigrid Maurer damaged Schilling. The former Green criticized the “standards” report, which he accused of an “unethical, propaganda-like approach”.

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