SOCOMEC introduces UPS system for medium performance

SOCOMEC, the pioneer of modular UPS systems, expands its product range with the new medium power system MODULYS XM.

The system consists of 50 kW power modules which, depending on the version, can be expanded to a total output of 250 kW or 600 kW, each with 50 kW redundancy, without increasing the footprint. The flexible and reliable system is now available in Austria and built to order by SOCOMEC.

Tested reliability

50kW power modules have a mean time to failure (MTBF) of 1 million hours, confirmed by an independent testing company. “It's at least four times longer than the best products on the market,” says SOCOMEC's ​​marketing and specification manager Guy Schaaf. By measuring seismic resistance and interference immunity and comparing it to the highest market standards, testers confirmed MODULYS XM's extremely high reliability.

Served in two minutes

Power modules are hot-swappable, so they can be replaced easily and risk-free in less than two minutes during operation. The software and parameters adjust themselves and the test run is completely automated and without human intervention. The standard bypass and all other components can be replaced via front access while the UPS system operates uninterrupted.

Custom configured

With a set of over 25 standardized and prefabricated components, MODULYS XM can be customized in various combinations. Thanks to hot-swappable power modules, on-site personnel can scale and increase performance by plugging in an additional module without risk. The maximum short-circuit current can be increased with an additional bypass module – a unique feature in the market for modular UPS systems.

Lifespan of more than 25 years

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The expected lifetime of MODULYS XM in a data center environment is more than 25 years and even in the worst case scenario falls to just over 20 years. “With MODULYS XM, we bring to the market a unique system whose service life exceeds the market standard by 50 percent,” says Schaff. This is not only proven by calculations and simulations. Schaaf reports: “MODULYS XM has excelled even the most challenging stress and accelerated life tests. Availability of modules and all assemblies is guaranteed for the entire lifetime of the UPS system.

Comprehensive services

The free mobile SOCOMEC app SoLive automatically informs its users about the current status of the UPS system and notifies them in case of an error. Alternatively, you can also book 24/7 monitoring and maintenance operations with SOCOMEC. Thanks to SOCOMEC's ​​remote troubleshooting technology, experts can remotely connect to the UPS system, test the system and perform diagnostics.


Since its founding in 1922, SOCOMEC has grown into an independent industrial group with more than 3,900 employees. Our specialty: constant availability, monitoring and protection of low-voltage networks, with a particular focus on energy efficiency. SOCOMEC Solutions GmbH was a former, long-term distribution partner of SOCOMEC and has been part of the SOCOMEC Group since January 1, 2023.


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